Renault ZOE now available in Australia

Renault Zoe white charging

With a starting price of 47.490 AUD (30.183 €), the Renault Zoe is now the cheapest mass market electric car available in Australia. It can be ordered in two trim levels: Life and Intens.

At the moment the Renault ZOE is available to order in just four Australian dealerships (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth).

However, this is still a very expensive electric car, that costs a lot more than its gas counterpart, the Renault Clio that has a starting price of 19.990 AUD (12.703 €).

The electric car market in Australia is very limited and while the Renault Kangoo ZE electric delivery van can already be bought by companies, so far remains unavailable to the public.


Anyway, the Australian motoring magazine adds an interesting comment:

While the tiny Renault Twizy EV won’t be imported here because it doesn’t meet design rules, we understand Renault Australia could add a third battery-powered model to its EV fleet, in the form of an all-new mid-size electric SUV that’s yet to be revealed.


It’s a shame because the Renault TWIZY would be perfect for Australian weather, however an electric SUV is good news.



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  1. I know 9 Renault ZE vehicles have been sold in Perth so far. The on-road cost is more like $52,000 – which is still way too much for a compact hatch, but better than no choice at all.

  2. I hope those prices mean no battery rental

    1. That’s what I thought initially, however Kwid is very small to be considered “mid-size”. It’s smaller than a Zoe. Its length is only 3,68 m.

      Maybe they got the size wrong and Renault is actually referring to the e-Kwid.

  3. I dont recommend Renault EV. I’ve got Fluence ze, and Overlease refuse to change the rented battery when it become under 75%, stock fault they say….two years and continue. Today still the first battery and only 50% capacity. Only 6 years and 29600km. First engine replacement at 15.000km. Second engine posibly same problem yesterday with 29.600km (< 15.000km). So better get away Renault EV

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