New LG Chem on-board chargers up to 11 kW

LG Chem offers complete and easy solutions for automakers that want to electrify their cars. The company not only produces batteries for electric cars, but also motors, inverters and now on-board chargers.

In Europe, 3-phase on-board chargers will soon become standard and LG Chem acknowledges it by making the 11 kW variant available from the start. While it’s a shame that a compact 22 kW variant isn’t already available, there’s always the possibility of using two 11 kW chargers in parallel to reach 22 kW.


• Rated 3.3 kW, 6.6 kW, 11kW • High-efficiency (95% at maximum) • Highly reliable and energy-efficient system • Wide Out Voltage Range


I really think that powerful on-board chargers are very important, since the DC-fast chargers are very scarse. With decent charging capabilities, electric cars wouldn’t need to carry extremely heavy batteries everywhere - that by increasing the car’s weight, decrease safety (by decreasing acceleration and increasing stopping distance) and efficiency.

If an electric car has a 22 kW on-board charger and is able to charge up to 100 kW at DC-fast chargers, a 40-50 kWh battery would be more than enough for most drivers don’t you think?

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