BRUSA is increasing production of the NLG664 charger

BRUSA NLG664 fast on-board charger

BRUSA announced that the company will increase the production of its fast on-board charger, the NLG664 to meet high demand.


In response to the high demand of our NLG664 highspeed charger, BRUSA has decided to substantially increase production capacity. “Our customers often need a unit for testing or prototyping, the increase in capacity will allow us to better react to this need” said Roderick Tanzer, Team Leader Component and Project Sales at BRUSA. NLG664 is the first commercially available 22kW charger worldwide. Its compact und light construction allows it to be used everywhere, even in the smallest cars. Try it out and see how simple the NLG664 solution from BRUSA is. Our support team will be happy to send you a quote to [email protected]


BRUSA NLG664 charger specs


The NLG664 charger was an optional and expensive equipment in the previous generation Smart ForTwo Electric Drive and was also present in the prototype Volvo C30 Electric. Unfortunately, due to its high price, it’s a rare gadget nowadays.

The upcoming Audi e-tron quattro will have an optional 22 kW on-board charger. Could this be the one?



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  1. so the question is, if this is the first mass produces 22kw charger, what whas the price before and now that is produced in quantities?

  2. i have found 6000 euro!!!… crazy price.. seems to me. come on.. this is just ” 4 transistors” technology. a led tv screen has more I+D and work than this. there are lower products much more cheaper…

  3. I don’t know what the price of the “industry standard” 230V 32A 7.2 kW chargers is, but 6000 Eur + VAT is simply unacceptable for all except high-end EVs (> 70k US$ / Eur) like Tesla S and X, Jaguar iPace, Porsche Taycan etc.
    Until then, 230V 32A (7,2 kW), if possible combined with 400V 16A (11 kW) will have to be enough for most cars.

  4. The optional on-board 22kW charger for the Audi e-tron is an additionnal 11kW charger.
    See the detail on this picture

  5. At that price level I think it is way to expensive. If Sono Motors claims to be selling a 35 to 45 kWh battery for 4000 Euro next year I would rather have 50 to 60 kWh more battery capacity than be able to charge at 22 kW.
    Did the Tesla also have two charging ports? So with the e-tron you can occupy two charging ports, that will probably make you very popular at public charging points.

  6. Hi All, I am responsible for components sales at Brusa and this price information is not correct, if you are interested send our support team a request, you will be pleasantly surprised. Rod

    1. Hope SonoMotors contacted you 🙂

    2. make is simple Roderick. Just say…
      pricing is starting at “3000 $” … with discounts in volumes for car markers in 100, 1000, 10000 pieces etc…
      Why always so “misterious” in tell the price “in a first look”¿?

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