Nissan Leaf sales recover in May

Nissan Leaf sales in Japan by May, 2018

Last month, Nissan Leaf sales recovered in two important markets. In Japan they increased fromย 874 (April) toย 1.765 (May), while in the USA they increased fromย 1.171 (April) to 1.576 (May).

Nonetheless, in Norway, registrations continue to drop, with the 1.211 Nissan Leaf units registered in April dropping to only 830 in May. In here, Nissan Leaf risks losing its leadership status again to the Volkswagen e-Golf in the following months.

In the other two important markets for electric cars, France and Germany, the Renault Zoe continues to be the best selling electric car. In part, because in these two countries public 22 kW EVSEs are everywhere and the on-board Chameleon charger of the Zoe is a great advantage over the competition – that has to rely on expensive and scarse DC fast chargers.


Anyway, it was the Tesla Model 3 that shined last month withย 6.250 estimated sales – in the USA only – and this is just the beginning. In the following months, legacy automakers will be ridiculed with their laughable sales figures for zero emission cars. Even Nissan and Renault that we now praise for the effort will look sloppy.



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Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. Iโ€™m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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3 years ago

With a backlog of 4-6 month production, I think we can better view Europe as a single market.
All differences should be explainable with distribution and logistics priorities by Nissan.
But if the total European deliveries are significantly below max output of factory, that is a red flag.

Marcel Guldemond
3 years ago

Leaf sales also recovered in a big way in Canada:

906 units, doubling the previous record.

3 years ago

I’m sorry Pedro. This time we’ll have to disagree. There is absolutely nothing ridiculous in selling a 29.150 Euro car. When will the 3 be available in Portugal at that price? Yeah, wake me up then. You know my name. It’s Ricardo, the sleeping beauty.

3 years ago
Reply to  Ricardo

Hey Ricardo,
Pedro just meant that the difference in sales will be huge when comparing the Model 3 with other electric cars. That doesn’t mean the other electric cars are of no value, it just means the Model 3 will sell much more in the following months.

3 years ago
Reply to  Carlos

Well yeah. After all, they did sell some 100/200000 in 2017 right? In 2018, the sky is the limit. Sorry, Mars is the limit, or the sun, or never ending space. Well, something.

3 years ago

Well the Model 3 will be double the price of any Renault or Leaf. the 30 k car promised to us is currently sold at 60 k in the US. i don’t care about the long range B.S as it is a strategic move from Tesla to beef up their income.
Here you can get a 2 year from new from the Renault or Nissan dealer with still 2 year warranty on the car for as little as 10k come on man. don’t try to tell us about outselling this as the model S the cheapest one you can find from used inventory is 45k minimum and good luck if you can find one at that price. the Model 3 will not come to the U.K before 2020 so you know i will stick with Renault or Nissan for the moment so chew on this mate!!!!!!

3 years ago
Reply to  swissbeats

U can get a new car for 10K with 2 year warranty? really?,
or did you mean a 2-year old used with a 2 year warranty?
If ur talking about used cars, in US u can now get plenty used Leafs for around 8-10K usd, as everyone is dumping them now that they’re 2-4y old-ish (hmm i wonder why).
But if ur talking about a brand new car no one, and i mean no one sells anything below 30K in USA (before incentives), Zoe lowest price for 40KW option (22Kwh does not count if you have to travel between 4 cities like most people in North America, fine for running around to shops if it s a second city only car, but not if its primary vehicle) for 22K British Sterling which right now is 29K usd (current conversion), good but not exactly a stellar deal.
In a few US states (like Colorado) u can greater deals than that as they have 14-15K total federal and state tax rebates (but thats if you owe that much tax as a family, California is 7.5K federal +2.5K state.
Right now the lowest priced NEW CAR deals (used don’t qualify for rebates) are Hyundai IoniqEV, Nissan Leaf2 and VW e-Golf (Hyundai KonaEV & Kia NiroEV not here yet).
But i talked to people that got half off sale price of a new (2017 nissan Leaf gen1) never driven Nissan Leaf Gen1, as they wanted to clear these of the lots, as no one was buying them anymore after 2.0 announcement, and were able to get 14-15K usd all in on a new car. (of course thats on a 105mile limited range car, but still full warranty 8y engine & bat pack)

3 years ago

How low will Nissan go on lease rates in 2019? They had the old Leaf at 2495 SEK/month in 2017 (incl VAT), which was similar to a base ICE Qashqai. Now it’s 3995 SEK/month. Drop it back to the old level and sales will explode. I’m starting to see a few new Leafs around here, despite the six month delivery time.