Nissan sold 895 Leafs in the USA last month

2018 Nissan Leaf at Tennessee plant

February was the debut month of the new-generation in the USA, but Nissan only managed to sell and deliver 895 Leafs. This is surprisingly low since the production of the new-generation Nissan Leaf in the USA plant began in December 4th, two weeks earlier than the European plant.

Nonetheless, it’s okay to start slow and steady. We should see deliveries increase during this month.


I’m curious to see how many Leafs Nissan actually plans to produce and sell this year, since I see the MY-2018 as a stopgap until the no-compromise MY-2019 arrives.


BEV Segment Range and Price Distribution by Nissan


Now that Nissan no longer owns the battery cell maker AESC, it can no longer push its batteries to the limits and expect free replacements under warranty when things get bad. Now to be eligible for warranty Nissan has to comply with more demanding requirements from the – now independent – battery cell maker.

Since the Leaf’s battery pack isn’t protected by a TMS (Thermal Management System), now the newly independent AESC demands – for warranty purposes – that the BMS (Battery Management System) becomes “overprotective” and has to step in frequently and protect the battery when temperatures get high – by limiting the charge/discharge rate. You can expect frequent very low DC charging rates in the 2018 Nissan Leaf…

Imagine the battery as a CPU and the TMS as a cooler, if you’re not using a cooler you can’t overclock the CPU to get its best performance. You might even have to underclock the CPU to prevent it from burning…

And that’s why I see the 2018 Nissan Leaf as a good, but underclocked electric car.


What do you think? Will Nissan push the sales of the MY-2018 Leaf as much as it can, or will it wait for the next model year for the big push?



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Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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3 years ago

Mine Leaf 2 Zero is almost to be delivered and I see this car as turning point from polluting way of transportation to clean. Nissan has advantage over others as car delivers stabile 250km of range that is good for 90% of population and there is no restriction of quantities Nissan can produce. They do not need to pump money to battery production, instead they got incentives to start it and now they are managing partner and someone else produce it. People talk so much about cars with 400 or 500km of range, fast charging, worst case scenario that occurs let’s be honest once a month. I want to believe that this car is going to turn heads of many. The thing is, if U need sensational point of view then the car is “the TRAP” with questionable battery management, but the truth is that this is twice better than first generation Leaf and user friendliest vehicle that can suite the need of 90% population… others need to wait a bit longer until Q4 2019 for Model 3 or something else bigger caliber… Leaf will sell real quantities I think!

Another phenomenon occurs, for example Hyundai Ioniq that is reviewed as much better than Leaf had sales stop with sky-high price in Sweden, last month Hyundai went aggressively and lowered price to same level as Leaf and they managed to sell 90+ examples for the first time since introduction. So not even that Leaf is going to sell well it will push other makers as well to try to match or provide even better. What good is Ioniq if U need to pay 6000EUR more and wait 9 months extra to get car that is not white or blue…

3 years ago
Reply to  Elfi

I actually think that the Hyundai dealers are rather satisfied with the Ioniq Electric. They can get a few that can give them some attention, people visit their showrooms and want to test drive the car and probably also buy the car, then they get told that they have to wait 9 to 12 month and people buy a Ioniq Hybrid instead. When the Ioniq Electric that the dealer has for test drives is 6 to 9 month old the dealer sells it for more than what a new Ioniq Electric costs. They can do that because people can get the car now in stead of waiting for 9 to 12 month. So they have a free car for tests drives and sell more Ioniq Hybrids, what not to like?

Knut Erik Ballestad
3 years ago

895 is Nothing if this is sales for all of the US!

In Europe, Norway (5 mill population) alone registered 977 Leaf’s in February.

Knut Erik Ballestad
3 years ago

In Norway, sales seems likely to *more* than double in March – 1.052 Nissan Leaf’s after 16 days…..

Marcel Guldemond
3 years ago

This will be really interesting to watch. Someone just posted on Plugshare recently a photo of 4 new ones at a dealer in Kingston, Ontario, so looks like they’re just getting to all their dealers now. Maybe March will be our first real indicator of Leaf 2 demand in NA?

Counter-Strike Cat
3 years ago

You always spread FUD with your TMS claims.

The new Leaf is the death nail for Tesla

3 years ago

What do you mean by FUD?
I can’t see why the new Leaf should be the death nail for Tesla, the Tesla Model 3 still offers a bigger battery with longer range and until we see the Leaf with a bigger battery and an lower price I can’t see that it should hurt Tesla.

3 years ago

I think you are overly pessimistic about the capability of the 2018 Leaf battery.

We don’t know that much about the newer chemistry and the internal pack structure AESC uses. Nissan promised improved air cooling too.

Quebec 100% EV
3 years ago
Reply to  sola

“Nissan promised improved air cooling too”
– There is ZERO air cooling, it is a SEALED OVEN. The whole concept of “passive air cooling” that Nissan talks about is merely the air running underneath the car while driving.
LOL don’t believe anything Nissan promises…. good luck.

Knut Erik Ballestad
3 years ago

16 days into march, 1052 Nissan Leafs have been registered in Norway 🙂

Stever K
3 years ago

The rollout of the new Leaf has been extremely disappointing and slow in North America. With an estimated 10,000 pre orders America and over 1,000 in Canada the wait has been painful to get one. Had there have been any other EV manufacturer with a similarly equipped car with actual production ability Nissan would have lost out big time. Sunderland UK seems to be pumping out the Leaf big time, not sure why things are so slow to ramp in Smyrna. March numbers will tell the true tale.