2019 Ford Focus spied uncovered in Portugal

2019 Ford Focus spy shot taken in Cascais, Portugal

During a commercial shot in Cascais, Portugal, a bystander was able to take a photo of the new-generation Ford Focus without any camouflage. This photograph was then published by the Hungarian website Vezess.


But why do we care?


The current-generation Ford Focus is built on an old platform that was never meant to have an electric powertrain. For this reason, while the Ford Focus Electric is a good electric car, it’s obviously a quick fix conversion.

However, the new-generation will change that. It’ll be built on an evolution of the current Global C platform (C2), which has hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric uses in mind. This means that the electric version won’t have compromises like a battery in the trunk…

Ford will unveil the 2019 Ford Focus in April, unfortunately it won’t be present at the upcoming Geneva International Motor Show. Ford wants all the attention to itself and will do the unveiling at a special event in Europe…

Sales are expected to start in late spring or early summer.

As a curiosity, while for the US market the model will be assembled in China, the Euro-spec versions will continue to be manufactured at the Ford’s Saarlouis plant in Germany.


Anyway, there’s no release date for the electric version yet. We’ll know more about it at the mysterious special event in April…

However, I’ve a feeling that the new 2019 Ford Focus Electric might be the underdog electric car that surprises us the most this year. Considering that Ford has LG Chem as its battery cell supplier, the electric version should get the long-awaited NCM 811 cells. As a minimum I expect a 40 kWh battery to match or even surpass the 151 miles (243 km) EPA range of the 2018 Nissan Leaf.

Furthermore, if Ford decides to mass produce the electric version in its two plants (Germany and China) and sell it for a competitive price, this could be how Ford begins a successful EV journey…

What do you think?



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I don’t think that will happen. If they produced the electric version in sufficient number and offered them at a good price, it could be a hit, but do they really want that? Hyundai made the Ioniq electric relatively soon after the Ioniq hybrid, but they did not produce them in sufficient number and the price isn’t very attractive either. So I think that Ford either will wait with the introduction of the electric version or do the same as what Hyundai did.


It’ll be less compromised than the current, and ridiculous, Focus Electric. But it’s not true it’ll be without compromise compared to a BEV-only version. It could match the 2018 LEAF on range, but I bet it won’t – they’ll save on the cents as usual and not use the best available cells. Even if not, by the time this becomes available the LEAF will be available with 50% more capacity than now.

Huge relative improvement, but Ford is still a laggard.


Ford knows Nismo Leaf 60 Kwh is coming for them in 2019 with maybe similar performance of a Ford Focus ST, this will be their chance to impress, lets hope it doesn’t disappoint!