New 2018 Nissan Leaf: Portugal prices revealed

New 2018 Nissan Leaf in white


The new 2018 Nissan Leaf offers much better value for the money than the outgoing model.


Until now, in Portugal you could only order the LEAF 2.ZERO Launch Edition for 35.500 € (before incentives and discounts). Now that the new Nissan Leaf is rolling off the line at Nissan’s plant in Sunderland, UK, it’s possible to order any trim level.


Before going to the prices of the new Nissan Leaf, let’s revisit the prices of the outgoing model – when it was being heavily discounted by Nissan in Portugal.


Nissan Leaf’s price in Portugal



Now let’s see the prices for the new model.


Prices of the new 2018 Nissan Leaf in Portugal


It’s obvious that Nissan is favoring the most popular trim-level in Portugal (Acenta), which gets a 2.850 € launch discount, while the entry-level Visia only gets 850 €.

Nevertheless, the configurator is a bit messy and give us different values when we starting using it. Furthermore the prices listed below and disclosed in the press release are different than the ones we get with the configurator.


New 2018 Nissan Leaf in Portugal

  • Leaf Visia: 31.800 €
  • Leaf Acenta: ???
  • Leaf N-Connecta: 33.250 €
  • Leaf Tekna: 35.250 €


As a side note, in Portugal only the first 1.000 EVs sold each year get government subsidies and Nissan Leaf buyers are eligible to receive a 2.250 € subsidy from the State. Considering that the Nissan Leaf is so popular in Portugal, especially with Uber drivers, I won’t be surprised if the subsidies end in 2018 during the first quarter. In 2017 the subsidies were available for the first eight months.


Now we can compare to the prices in other countries where they’re already known.


New 2018 Nissan Leaf in France

  • Leaf Visia: 33.900 €
  • Leaf Acenta: 35.300 €
  • Leaf N-Connecta: 37.100 €
  • Leaf Tekna: 38.900 €


New 2018 Nissan Leaf in Norway

  • Leaf Visia: 245.900 NOK (24.862 €)
  • Leaf Acenta: 265.900 NOK (26.883 €)
  • Leaf N-Connecta: 278.900 NOK (28.198 €)
  • Leaf Tekna: 293.900 NOK (29.715 €)


Paradoxically, in France where the government incentives to buy an electric car can add up to 10.000 €, is where the Nissan Leaf is more expensive. Nissan – and every other legacy automaker – adjusts the prices of its electric cars in every country to prevent that – even after generous incentives – they become affordable and a popular alternative to its ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) counterparts. In these cases taxpayer’s money doesn’t help to reduce prices, it just goes directly to the automaker’s pockets…


Anyway, the new 2018 Nissan Leaf is a very well equipped electric car, even in the entry-level Visia trim and I already shared my opinion about that when the prices where released in France.

Finally, considering that in Portugal incentives and discounts combined on the Leaf usually vary from 5.000 to 6.000 euros, it won’t take much longer until the new Nissan Leaf can be bought for less than 30.000 €, which will make the Renault Zoe look very overpriced and begging for a nice price cut.



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11 Responses

  1. Leaf says:

    is this really correct? the tekna with more features costs less than the edition? i would be quite pissed if i had pre-ordered for that price..

    • Pedro Lima says:

      The prices available in the online configurator are different. Before the Nissan’s launch discount of 2.850 €, the Tekna is priced at 37.750 €.

      I have updated the article, thanks.

  2. facile says:

    There is little difference between Visia and N-Connecta. In Spain prices have been revealed too, the gap is a bit wider to allocate the Acenta in-between.
    If the Spanish article is correct, the Visia is really well equipped for a base trim.

  3. Jiří says:

    Prices in Czech Republic:
    Visia: 850 000 Kč (~33 112 €)
    Acenta: 891 000 Kč (~34 709 €)
    N-Connecta: 945 000 Kč (~36 813 €)
    Tekna: 988 000 Kč (~38 488 €)
    2.ZERO: 990 000 Kč (~38 566 €)

  4. Boris says:

    I will wait for the 60 kWh liquid cooled battery version 🙂

  5. Leaf says:

    interesting, what are the differences in the other markets for the edition in regards to tekna if they (nearly) cost the same? in Germany/Austria the following is NOT included in the edition and only in tekna: LED lights, electric parking brake, ProPilot Park, leather seats, bose sound

    • Pedro Lima says:

      I think that the main differences from the 2.ZERO Edition is that Tekna gets Bose audio system and leather seats. You can also choose more colors, instead of only two.

      • Leaf says:

        hm ok thank you! i really miss the LED lights in the 2.ZERO edition and i’m wondering how the price can be the same then. (still waiting for the German price, which will be quite different i guess)

  6. Oops says:

    O tem o estacionamento automático, equipamento opcional no techna.

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