Production of the Hyundai IONIQ Electric decreased in October

Hyundai IONIQ Electric

In October, 462 fewer Hyundai IONIQ Electric were produced than in the previous month. Not only the production figures are very disappointing, the shipping time is extremely high. It takes almost two months for the produced cars to reach Europe.


As you can see below, 2.355 Hyundai IONIQ EV were produced in September, of which 846 for the domestic market (South Korea) and 1.509 for exportation (Europe and North America mostly). This represents a nice improvement considering that only 1.169 (959 + 210) were produced in the previous month of August. However, last month was disappointing, in total onlyย 1.893 units were produced, still very far from the Hyundai’s production goal of reaching 4.000 monthly units.


Hyundai IONIQ production figures in 2017 updated


With two great electric cars – the Tesla Model 3 and the Hyundai IONIQ Electric -, facing difficulties to ramp up production, it’s clear that it’s Nissan who will benefit the most with its second generation Leaf.

The second generation Nissan Leaf is locally produced in three different plants around the world (USA, UK and Japan). Furthermore, the Dongfeng Nissan joint-venture is also expected to assemble the new generation Leaf in the Huada Plant in Guangzhou, China – as it did with the first generation Leaf, which was sold in China as the Venucia e30.



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Jonas Jovial
3 years ago

What’s their excuse now (besides the fact they really don’t want to produce EVs)?

3 years ago

They don’t want, I always said it’s like Kia. And also if they want they will not be able to because 99 % of dealers have no idea and no willingness to sell it.

3 years ago

Maybe just battery undersupply, just like for Tesla Model 3’s.
They may have all readied for 4000/month, but a critical piece of the puzzle is missing.

3 years ago

It is safe to say they are not going through production hell and are probably limited by their external battery supply…
It is also safe to say Nissan and Tesla laugh at their ambitious 4,000 a month goal since they will probably each be selling more than that in the US per month alone by the end of next year if not sooner…

3 years ago

Looks like it was related to a ramp up for Phev numbers which doubled in october.

3 years ago

I’ve read in a spanish forum that the new orders from now on are for the 2018 version. Don’t know if the differences, but they come with a glossy black front instead of the previous grey.

3 years ago

I think it is rather strange that they announce how many cars they want to produce next year, that does only make sense if that is the maximum number they can produce, otherwise I would expect that they would produce as many as there is demand for. I think that the demand is for more than 4000 cars per month.