2019 Ford Focus will arrive next year with hybrid and all electric variants

2019 Ford Focus front

The electric version of the current Ford Focus in general isn’t bad, actually is pretty good, however since it was built on a very dated platform designed only for internal combustion engines, it’s a compromise.

I don’t mind shared platforms, where different powertrains share the same platform, actually I see plenty benefits in it. However, the Ford Focus Electric was a lazy and messy conversion where Ford just placed the battery into the trunk, making it pretty much useless.


The good news is that the fourth generation Ford Focus coming next year, will be built on a new platform, the old C platform will be replaced by the C2 – that will handle different powertrains. The new platform allows the Ford Focus to be 50 kg lighter and have a 50 mm longer wheelbase, all this helps to move the battery from the trunk to under the seats – without compromising interior space.


2019 Ford Focus side


If Ford does things right, it can make the new Focus a very successful car. I hope that they get some inspiration from the Hyundai IONIQ that it’s available in three variants (hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all electric). Maybe they should ask LG Chem for some help…

With the new high energy dense NCM 811 battery cells coming next year, it would be easy to put a 50 kWh battery into the 2019 Ford Focus Electric without compromising interior space.


2019 Ford Focus back


Finally, the next generation Ford Focus will be officially revealed early next year and should be available in the summer. While I don’t expect much from Ford, I’m an optimistic and would really love to see a nice alternative the to the Hyundai IONIQ. What do you think?


As a bonus, below you have a video where Yuri and Jakub compare the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf with the 2017 Ford Focus Electric. I really like the funny, yet informative reviews from those two.




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Another Euro point of view

“With the new high energy dense NCM 811 battery cells coming next year, it would be easy to put a 50 kWh battery into the 2019 Ford Focus Electric without compromising interior space” Yes but somehow it seems that car makers a rather reluctant/slow to adapt to new battery chemistry, maybe they wait for it to be 1000% proven, reliable and cheap to obtain. It may also depend on existing supplying contracts. For example, how long will it take for VW to use a better performing battery chemistry in their Golf and Passat GTE ? If I remember well there… Read more »

The new NCM 811 battery cells to available next year by LG Chem and SK innovation are EV ready. In fact, some new electric cars will use them already next year, mostly from the Hyundai-Kia Group. Volkswagen is really a let down, they continue to use 25 Ah cells in their plug-in hybrids, while the same-sized 37 Ah cells are already available for more than a year and are now used in the Volkswagen e-Golf. Next year, Samsung SDI will produce 50 Ah cells in its plant in Hungary, Volkswagen could use them to double the EV range of their… Read more »


I am still waiting for Volkswagen to put a larger battery into the e-Up, do you still think that it will happen?

I really don’t know, Volkswagen has changed their plans quite few times in the last years.

Next year the new 50 Ah battery cells from Samsung SDI will be available, it would be nice to see the Volkswagen e-up getting those to double its range with a 37,4 kWh battery.

However, I now think that they will only do it when the e-Golf successor (ID) arrives in 2019.


VW is rumored to be considering a longer range eUP sucessor and to make the UP BEV only…
As Pesro says VWs and all auto makers plans change we generally dont see everything like we do with VW EVs plans though…


That’s interesting. Thanks for sharing.


Interesting, unfortunately there are no concrete information about battery capacity, range or even when such a car might be released.


The VW works council has to approve all of their auto production plans so the eUP succesor wont be official until it gets there approval but allegdy the CEO likes or even made the BEV sucessor plan so it probably has a chance…


Just btw., if we were to start using (some kind of) standard batteries in vehicles – and *not* each company having their proprietary tech., whatever the actual cells are – we would develop advanced battery technology VERY quickly. Ofc., in the meantime, greed will stand in the way of progress – as usual – until supply and demand, or market competition forces a change. Common sense and needs of the world alone will never do it. ;$


With a 50kWh battery and a good range the Ford Focus could become a popular car, that is if the price is right.


Yes, but then it will hurt their ICE sales. But if the competition and availability of good electric cars from other manufacturers they will be forced to. The technology seems to be in Place for affordable good EVs now


That might be right, but what would be the problem with that? I assumed car companies want to make money and if they can make money with BEV cars why not do that? I mean it seems like they make more profit of BEVs than ICEs. And just because you produce and sell one BEV model you wouldn’t have everyone buy those cars, to the influence on ICE sales buy BEVs is probably small. I think that people are more likely to buy another BEV than to buy a ICE version and as a car company you should be interested… Read more »


The problem with switching from ICE to BEV is actually very big for legacy auto makers… These companies have 100 years of experience in ICE and the transmissiins that go with them that will essentialy have to be thrown in the garbage… In doing that they have 100 milliin dollar factories that are now worthless and thousands of white collar employees and thousands of blue collar union workers that will need to be given pink slips… Additionally everone in charge of ICE companies got there by working on ICE autos… Namely the writing is on the wall that all future… Read more »


I can see that it is a problem for the traditional car manufacturers to switch from ICE to BEV, but I still think that they should be interested in selling BEVs as there is demand. Like with Volkswagen, they invested money in developing the e-Golf and the e-Up, they get most return on their investment if they sell more cars, especially if they sell their cars to higher prices. And like I wrote, if I want an BEV, I buy a BEV and not an ICE.


@Lars There is, currently, ONE company in the world which is doing this: Xiaomi. At the moment, at least, their strategy is to limit their profits to a low percentage (like, 10%) and this is how they’re able to deliver – for example, they make more than – mobile devices which cost *half* and less of what the competition is charging; & their hardware is (almost!) the same and sometimes even better. A $400 to $500 “flagship” Android phone, which Samsung, or Apple and others are pricing at $1000++


*Forgot to say, Xiaomi are making a small electric scooter – with the same kind of (awesome!) price – and I’ll be buying a car from them, if they ever start producing; because, it’d be the smart thing to do. 🙂


“Trunk space” is absolutely, completely, 100% irrelevant. A *cheap* and reliable hybrid, which has power (to overtake while going in third gear and higher), that uses 3 liters of gas and never has to be plugged in – is the vehicle which we’re -all- looking for. 🙂