2018 Nissan Leaf had a great start in Japan

2018 Nissan Leaf advertised in Japan with 400 km range

Last February the Toyota Prius PHV (Prime) had a great debut month in Japan with 3.230 units sold. Nevertheless, Nissan did better with the new Leaf.

While overall, last month was terrible to Nissan in Japan due to the inspection scandal, it didn’t prevent the second generation Nissan Leaf getting a great start. As you can see below, the new Nissan Leaf was the 19th most sold car in Japan in October.


Japan October 2017 car sales by bestsellingcarsblog.com


Will Nissan improve this sales performance even more? I think it will.

If Nissan manages to put the Leaf in the top 10 in the near future it’ll be great, but if it reaches the top 3, it will create a problem for its rival Toyota. The narrative that nobody wants electric cars and the technology isn’t ready yet will be proven false.


What do you think? Will Nissan successfully sell the new Leaf in its home market? Is this Nissan’s great opportunity to challenge the Toyota Prius dominance in Japan?



More info:


Japan October 2017: New Leaf can’t prevent Nissan’s freefall at -43%


Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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3 years ago

To see how bad Nissans sales tanked since the scandal broke look at the Nissan Note yearly sales compared to this month…
The Note been first or second most months and is now 25th so the Leaf making it that high is impressive for it…

Another Euro point of view
3 years ago

I bet Leaf 2 will be the most sold EV worldwide in 2018.

3 years ago

I think the Leaf will be the best selling EV car 2018, I have got a really good offering on the 2.zero Leaf that I might take and skip my planed Tesla model 3. I don’t think Nissan is coming with any good offerings in Japan, but the EV market has only BMW, Tesla and Nissan there. I bet Nissan has good margin on the Leaf too.
The bigger trunk space and the better look will make i sell very good in Europe. It is a practical family car for a decent price with many new cool features only seen in very expensive cars.

3 years ago
Reply to  Linus

Hi Linus, If would be great if you could let us know approximately how good deal you were offered, and in which market. Cheers

3 years ago

I am only down to 32 000 euro, but I hope to come down to 30 000 euro. The market is Sweden. Starting price is 38500 euro.

3 years ago

I can’t really see how the Leaf should be that a bargain, or impressive car. The Leaf2 is only a facelift of the old Leaf with at changed battery chemistry, updated firmware and a new multimedia system. Under the hood you got exactly the same car as in 2010 for a price that is missing any logic. Don’t get me wrong, I have owned a Leaf (Acenta) for more than two years and am very satisfied with it, but with a batch price of 40.000€ (Leaf2.Zero) here in Denmark, the Leaf2 is not in any way competitive. A BMW I3 94Ah will cost less and a Hyundai Ioniq sold for 29.000€ (introduction list price). Yes, the Ioniq only has a 31kWh battery, but those 9kWh are not worth 11.000€. Nissan didn’t even give the Leaf an essential CCS-plug. Chademo is dead here in Europe! You will not be able to fast-charge this car in five years. And without any battery cooling one will run down those cells even faster than with the Leaf1.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jan

Maybe you live in the wrong country :-). In Germany, France, Austria and UK the Leaf 2Zero Edition is same price like Ioniq Style, some times cheaper and its quieter and more power. Ioniq you can order and get in 12 months when its old again…Hyundai just is to stupid to deliver.

3 years ago
Reply to  Pete

Pete that is possible, or maybe we just have the wrong government here in Denmark? Because of the Danish government the price for the new Leaf and all other BEV cars will only increase year after year.

3 years ago

Just put a deposit on a UK leaf Zero. £26350, available in about 8 weeks. 235 range (190 real world) , sat in one , very nice styling for an electric car with nissan behind it not some tin pot outfit, and with be made in Britain…no German cars thanks.

3 years ago

If it is as good as the LEAF 1.0 2016SL it will be an awesome car. Our 2012SLs had some issues with heat and battery longevity and the range meters although better than any gas cars are sometimes erroneous I will say the 2012SL replacement batteries we got have been outstanding and should easily last 100K miles to 70% SOH..

3 years ago

I would love to see Bolt and Leaf and 3 sales around 50K for each car each month in the states. Our Leafs have been outstanding cars for the money. especially used car bargains.

3 years ago

the price for my ordered leaf 2.zero edition is around 26900 euro (incl. taxes) after all discounts (dealer) and state incentives, quite nice 🙂 (list price is 34950 euro in germany) should arrive end of february 2018. market Germany / Austria (will import it from Germany as there are no additional dealer discounts in Austria because of available state incentives).

3 years ago

Any word yet on November sales for Japan?