Funny but real: Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay

Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay

Sorry, this isn’t the usual kind of article you expect to see here. Actually, this isn’t even an article, just a funny, yet informative post.

What better way to compare two different technologies than testing them in the real world in a funny atmosphere?! The video above does that job perfectly. I feel sorry for the Apple’s fan when he’s struck by reality…



I admit it, I don’t like Apple, not even a bit. The culture of this company is the pinnacle of some things I despise in mainstream big corporations: patents, close-source and planned obsolescence. Apple proves that you don’t need to have the best products to be popular, you just need to have a successful marketing strategy. Status sells.


While the first video settles the question of “Android Auto or Apple CarPlay?”, the other question of “Mac or PC?” is answered in this funny ERB video.



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  1. 100% with you on this subject, but prepare to be crucified by blind fans…

  2. It’s a personal choice, but working with a lot of different products, I don’t agree. Apple products are well made. I still have my iPhone 4 (2010) that is working fine (yeah, much slower than my 7) and my 2008 MacBook. Easy use, well made, much better security (this is an advantage of the close environment that you don’t like).

    At the end it’s a personal choice.

    Need to say that I’m a Microsoft/PC/Server specialist… at job… and a pro Apple at home. I like use all different technologies.

    1. Most servers are Linux and are much safer than Windows. For example, the WannaCry ransomware attack only affected Windows servers.

      1. Absolutely, and MacOS is based on BDS Unix.

      2. oops, BSD Unix…

  3. Mmm, to be fair and in my experience, older iPads are more likely to be running the latest version of OS software than equivalent age, or newer, Android devices. I also have a 2010 Macbook Pro which despite its age is still is fine for day to day use, using the original battery, and receiving regular OS and security updates.

    As for servers, running an outdated (or un-patched) OS on a server is asking for trouble – Windows, Linux, or whatever.

    The biggest victims of WannaCry were systems running the embedded version Windows XP, e.g. medical scanners, point of sale, etc. XP, being a 16 year old OS, is no longer supported by Microsoft and unmatched vulnerabilities left the systems vulnerable. MS have since provided updates fixing these issues – at least for now!

    Users of automotive systems, mobile devices etc. face the same issues in future – reliance on the manufacturer to keep systems (whether open or proprietary) patched and up to date. It more than likely requires legislation to ensure continued support – especially where autonomous driving systems are concerned..

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