Most important electric cars for 2018

Tesla Model 3 in pearl white
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3 years ago

From what I have read I dont expect Hyundai or Kia to have enough batteries for high volume sales…
What interests me is what GM and Nissan will do with pricing since I think they have lots of room to reduce the MSRP…
I would never sit back and let Tesla grow and get sales that I could if the price was right…

3 years ago

I think that the Audi EV will be significant next year. Maybe the car itself won’t be a massive seller as it is going to be a more expensive vehicle than the masses are going to be able to afford, but as it is undoubtedly VW’s most serious step into the EV market so far, they may be able to learn a lot from the experience that they can apply to their own branded (and more affordable) cars.

3 years ago

How about the Jaguar Ipace?

Ff ff
3 years ago

Won’t there be a New e-nv200 next year? At least with upgraded battery

3 years ago

I consider the e-golf to be the best car available today when you consider price and performance. It is better equipped than Ampera-e and more flexible than most of the other competitors. The range is not an issue. I can do a 400 km roadtrip with only a 30 minute brake at a DC fast charger. And for every day use I don’t need to use more than 20% of the available battery capacity. I would never buy a fossil car based on the size of the fuel tank. Why should that be different for an electric car? My considerations are of cource based on the fact that I live i Norway and have access to a charge plug in my home and a good network of DC fast chargers that covers most of the country.

In Norway e-golf is a very popular electric car. And I belive it will continue to sell a lot also in 2018.

Tom Houlden
3 years ago

eGolf drives (& looks) better than i3, Leaf, eSoul, and Fiat 500e, so it’s a great car to lease, but with no battery cooling I wouldn’t want to buy one. Ioniq’s uncooled battery has a LIFETIME WARRANTY, so Kona should too.

If you just rent a gas car for roadtrips, range is nearly irrelevant to the average person (40 miles/day)

filip bjurling
3 years ago

The i3 is a joke of a car though

3 years ago

You forgot to mention the jaguar i-pace and the audi e-tron.both will be important in their segment.

3 years ago

Hyundai Kona EV is expected to have a range of 240-242 miles EPA and it will reportedly have an initial production of 13,000 units. That will probably not be enough, so Hyundai will have to increase the volumes fast…


3 years ago

“Both Nissan and BMW don’t want to lead an electric car revolution, but want to be prepared for it when it happens, and it’s happening…”

I do not agree with you. If true, why should Nissan corp spend all the money to be one of the first brand with EV in 2011? Rather do a VW, that is lots of comercials but never actually start production

3 years ago

While the Model 3 will get most of the attention, Hyundai/Kia seem to be committed to providing what I think the EV market is looking for — 200+ mile range, reasonable (I presume sub $35K) prices, and a variety of decent-looking cars/C-SUVs with the Ioniq, Kona, and Niro. I suspect these will all be surprise hits as no one is really talking about them (besides this site — thanks!).

3 years ago

Hi Pedro.
Thanks for the great, unique website.
So the Kia Stonic EV (basically the Kia version of the Kona, right?) is not coming anymore next year?

3 years ago

why not mention ford focus EV. Its in its last year before moving production of EVs to china.

Vasco Almeida
3 years ago

Do you expect the Hyundai Ioniq EV and the Kia Niro EV to be available for delivery in Portugal during 2018?

3 years ago

I don’t trust anything you say as you are a communist.

2 years ago

I’m guessing that the Hyundai Ioniq EV dropped from 46kWh to 28kWh due to the battery supply issue. spreading their available cells over a larger vehicle production base.