There’s no battery shortage for the Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Hyundai IONIQ Electric simple and efficient powertrain
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3 years ago

I doubt 4,000 per month is enough…
But to increase production quickly is not easy even if LG could give them unlimited batteries…
There 1,000s and 1,000s of parts comimg from different places inwhich all need increased production and what if one part has a limited capacity due to the supliers other contracts…
Who knows but I think there is a much larger market for the taking if the will is there…
The will to make EVs is probably the real restraint…

3 years ago

My car has gone from 12 weeks delivery until over 6 months, that’s assuming it’s not delayed further.
So, what’s the real reason?

Jonas Jovial
3 years ago
Reply to  Blue497

Easy..they have zero interest in selling EVs

Luca Riffer
3 years ago

If Hyundai launched the PHEV Ioniq in North America right now, they would sell >4,000/month of this model alone . . huge pent-up demand for PHEV’s which allow an urban family to own just one car . . all-electric driving around town, plus a range of >500km for business or family trips further afield. Yes, it is duplicative in a PHEV to lug both batteries AND ICE around all the time, but don’t forget the extra weight of batteries needed to extend range from PHEV’s 50km (10 kWh) to EV’s 500km (70 kWh) is considerable . . I prefer the balanced mix a PHEV offers.

3 years ago

This car will dissapear in the dust of insignificant EVs like the Kia SOul EV, they have no interest in selling it.