Germany influences China to reduce electric car quotas

Germany's Chancellor Merkel and China's Premier Li Keqiang

China until recently had bold goals for plug-in car sales, starting with a 8 % quota for next year, followed by 10 % for 2019 and 12 % for 2020.

However, German automakers Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to finally have convinced China’s Premier Li Keqiang to lower those quotas.

While there isn’t much detail yet, it’s believed that the 8 % quota was pushed back a year to 2019, instead of 2018.


It’s ironic that Europe Union has always been very strict when it comes to protecting environment and the health of its citizens, in some cases – especially in the food industry – it has even exaggerated with excessive regulation, but if given the choice between our health and the automakers profits, EU officials always choose the later… They’ll mandate to test CO2 emissions in some ridiculous good for nothing test cycle called NEDC and don’t even bother with more dangerous air pollutants such as Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), because diesel rules.


Anyways, I see this plug-in car sales goal push back in China as a missed opportunity, considering that plug-in hybrids are also accounted and German automakers already have plenty of them. BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen could comply with China’s regulations by just selling plug-in hybrids if they wanted to.


With the Europe Union lagging and the USA completely absent, we’re left with China to lead the effort to electrify the auto industry.



More info:

China Agrees To Delay Electric Car Mandate By One Year

Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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4 years ago

>>Europe Union lagging and the USA completely absent<<
As in the comic Asterx, all places in the USA?
No, there is a "tiny" county, all is different !
They are the world leader in fight against air pollution.
They have allready a quota of 1% for zero pollution car.
Yes, it is low, but this 1% quota is the cause for the most available BEV types in the world.
And the plan is to rise the quota up to 12% in 2025.
The other states, EU, Japan, China looking what they do.
You know it, i think.
Dont be hopeless, think on Asterix.

4 years ago

The problem is not the quota the problem is China gave a one year notice and that is way to short in the auto makers world…
Would be nice if China enacted a 100 percent EV quota for 2030 or even closer now…
Would be if any country oficialy did…

4 years ago
Reply to  Nada

Yes, it is to short, but the automakers all know that the chinese goverment want much more EV. And they see the daily smog.
BMW, MB, GM, Nissan, they all have a chinese EV car.
In china is the greatest car manufactor the VW brand with around 40% market share! And what have they done?
“Audi together with its joint venture partner FAW intends to introduce in China five plug-in cars by 2021”.
Nothing, absolute nothing!

Remember, CEO of VW for the last decade was Mr “Diesel” Piech.

4 years ago

VW did start a new joint venture car company in China whos only goal is to produce EVs starting next year…

Yes many CEOs are scum bags and do bad things for a dollar but bad companies can go good with a CEO and leadership change just as good companies can go bad with the same…
Or as Queensryche once said in their Revolution Calling song squarley aimed at American capitalism… gonna make a million doesnt matter who dies…

Michael Roberts
4 years ago

Like in the UK it appears the German government is run for the few, not #ForTheMany