Mercedes-Benz dropped lease prices for the B250e

2017 Mercedes-Benz B250e leasing details

Mercedes USA recently drooped the cost to lease the B250e in its 2016 and 2017 model years. This price drop isn’t surprising since this electric car sales lately have been close to non-existent.

If you’ve been paying attention to Mercedes-Benz and Daimler AG chief Dieter Zetsche, you already noticed that he’s very positive about electric cars and wants to catch up with Tesla. Now more than ever, it’s probably the right time to start working in it.


Currently, the Mercedes B250e has a powertrain supplied by Tesla, but Dieter Zetsche wants to stop outsourcing and build it in-house – to drop costs and accelerate development. For this reason, SK innovation will start to supply battery cells for Mercedes-Benz electric cars later this year.


While we still don’t have any details about the upcoming 2018 Mercedes B250e – or even if it will ever exist -, we do know that in China a similar electric car with a 62 kWh battery is already on sale for quite some time, the DENZA 400 EV. Denza is a equally owned joint venture between Daimler AG and BYD Auto.


Denza EV charging


Not only upcoming electric cars from Mercedes need bigger battery capacities than they have now (36 kWh in the B250e), they also need to get DC fast charging capability via a CCS socket, which is currently lacking in Mercedes electric cars.


As I said previously, it’s not yet certain that a 2018 Mercedes B250e will ever exist, yet we do know that the Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ is expected to have a battery with at least 70 kWh capacity powered by SK innovation and enter into service in mid-2018.

The biggest problem with the B250e is its lousy efficiency and I don’t see how can Mercedes improve it enough to make a difference. Maybe it’s time to let it go and develop lighter and more aerodynamic electric cars from the ground up…


What do you think? Will Mercedes sell an improved B250e side by side with the upcoming Generation EQ electric SUV? Or will Mercedes discontinue the B250e to focus resources in developing better electric cars from the ground up?



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