Safer and lower emission cars boosted Nissan sales in Japan

Nissan introduces new electric-motor drivetrain: e-POWER

In a recent press release Nissan said that its sales and production numbers for the April 2016 – March 2017 period reached record levels. These figures are even more impressive in Japan, where Toyota has been the undisputed leader for ages.


In Nissan’s press release we can read the following:

“In Japan, Nissan introduced the e-Power system to the Note compact car and began offering ProPILOT autonomous driving technology for the Serena minivan. This helped boost sales of those models by 30 percent and 50 percent, respectively.”


To understand how important is this recent boost in sales, let’s see where Nissan was last year before the e-Power system was available in the Note and the ProPILOT technology in the Serena minivan.


Top Ten Best-Selling Car Models in Japan in 2016 (First Half) by


As we can see the Nissan Note was at 5th place, while the Serena was at 10th.


Now let’s see where Nissan sales in Japan are, after e-Power and ProPILOT were made available.


Ten Best-Selling Cars in Japan in 2017 (Q1) by


As we can see from the table above, in the first quarter of the year, the Nissan Note jumped from 5th to first place – beating the Toyota Prius – and the Nissan Serena went from 10th to 5th – not very distant from the 4th.


Truth to be said, both the e-Power system and the ProPILOT technology are just small steps in the right direction of a zero-emissions, zero-fatality mobility. First, because even if the e-Power system is better than a conventional hybrid, it’s not as good as a fully electric car in many aspects – including emissions.


Differences between powertrains


Second, because the ProPILOT autonomous driving technology for the Serena minivan is still very rudimentary and only suited for single-lane. Yet, all the radars and sensors available in ProPILOT system make the cars with it much safer than most cars on the roads. Not only they are used to alert the driver of an imminent collision, they can also autonomously stop the car if the driver failed to do so.


Nissan’s new Serena ProPILOT Technology Makes Autonomous Drive First for Japanese Automakers


To sum up, the Nissan’s strategy towards a zero-emissions, zero-fatality mobility seems to be already paying off. The e-Power system helped the Nissan Note’s sales to increase in about 30 %, while the introduction of the ProPILOT system boosted Nissan Serena’s sales by 50 %.

It will be interesting to see both systems combined in recent and upcoming Nissan cars. Remember that the Juke, QASHQAI and X-Trail are getting facelifts this year…

What do you think? If the ProPILOT system’s availability in the Serena was responsible for a 50 % boost in sales, how much will it help the upcoming new Nissan Leaf?



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