More information on the second generation Nissan Leaf

Second generation Nissan Leaf with camouflage

Micky65 from the German forum took the shot we see above and was able to retrieve some details about the new generation Nissan Leaf.

First, the Nissan Leaf in the photo above has a CHAdeMO socket, this means that Nissan should keep pushing the Japanese fast charging standard, even in Europe and the USA. I have hoped that Nissan would finally adopt CCS and type 2 in Europe, especially since the Leaf is also made here, maybe someday…


Rendering of possible facelifted 2018 Nissan Leaf


Second, the battery capacity is around 40 kWh, as it was initially planned and I reported last year. However, since Nissan delayed the introduction of the new generation Nissan Leaf, I questioned myself if it meant that Nissan decided at the last minute that 40 kWh wouldn’t be enough, and was going to 60 kWh. I do foresee the introduction of a 60 kWh battery option in 2018, this way the Nissan Micra EV can get the 41 kWh battery from Renault Zoe and not cannibalize Leaf’s sales.


Rendering of possible facelifted 2018 Nissan Leaf


I do suspect that the delayed introduction means that the improved Nissan Leaf will no longer use AESC battery cells and will come with a LG Chem battery – that has a Thermal Management System (TMS). The TMS is not only important to keep the battery healthy in everyday life, it’s also important to allow higher DC charge rates. Anything below 65-70 kW will be disappointing…


The main questions that are still unanswered are the price and range.

While the price shouldn’t differ a lot from the current Leaf – since the battery capacity increase isn’t huge -, the range heavily depends on the efficiency, which is yet to be known. How close to the efficiency champion – Hyundai IONIQ Electric – has Nissan managed to improve the Leaf?! I’m really curious about this one.

If I had to guess the range, I would say 160 EPA miles (257 km) range. Ultimately it’s the price that will tell us how much Nissan wants the Leaf to succeed.


What do you think? Is Nissan ready to put the Leaf back on top?



More info:

Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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Jonas Jovial
4 years ago

That doesn’t look like a chademo, bit a CCS connector instead

4 years ago
Reply to  Pedro Lima

That is how CHAdeMO looks at ABB chargers in germany: CCS and Type 2 are black – CHAdeMO is blue

4 years ago

I think leaf price will cut under the competition…
We’ve had a big surprise from tesla with their model 3. For this reason I’m expecting a huge surprise from nissan as well. It’s well known the fact that production costs for ev cars is equal or less than ice cars. Its time for competition now.

Jason Meador
4 years ago

A 160 mi Leaf 2.0 that looks like the Sway for the same prices as Leaf 1.0? I am in!!

4 years ago

I’m going to wait until at least a 60kwh Leaf. I also plan on keeping my 2014 Leaf. Nissan has built out the Chademo infrastructure quite a bit, at least in the US, so I don’t see them dropping it. However, there’s plenty of room in the charging area for a CCS connector in addition to the Chademo. It would be great if Nissan incorporated both standards.

4 years ago

Whats out of the question about CCS+Chademo.

4 years ago

That is definitely a Chademo charger. You can tell by the handle.

4 years ago

CCS-J1772 + CHAdeMO on the existing J1772 in the US would not be a difficult thing.

CCS in Europe would require a J1772 or the CHAdeMo to be eliminated, to make room for the CCS-Menenkes receptacle.

They already have a Menenkes->J1772 adapter, but the addition of the DC wires to an adapter is probably not something that can happen.

Put in a CCS-Menenkes and provide a J1772->Menenkes cable?

4 years ago

Any news on e-nv200 update?

4 years ago

60kWh battery is my absolute minimum if I’m going to do a once in a lifetime splash of 40000 euro’s give or take a few on a new car.

4 years ago
Reply to  Erik

I hope Nissan places the new Leaf more in the 30000 € area, a starting price, with incentives, below 25000 € would make it affordable for much more people.

mathieu romain
4 years ago

Propilot and 40 kWh battery for the tekna Price. Please !

4 years ago

Most likely it’ll be a 40 kWh version and a 60 kWh version giving 140 and 240 miles respectively.
Also they will likely both be shown in September.
And yes (and this I know for sure) Nissan and LG Chem have worked together to develop and produce the cells that will be used in the next gen LEAF. They are actually identical chemistry wise as the Chevy Bolts cells. It’s the new NMC chemistry, which is not only more energy dense, but also more heat tolerant and deeper cycle life.

4 years ago

there are more photos posted in the goingelectric forum now