Hyundai confirms compact electric SUV for next year

Hyundai Kona (Intrado concept)

While this story isn’t exactly new, since we already knew that Hyundai was testing a long range electric SUV for a while, it’s great to have the confirmation that its release is on scheduled.

Unlike the European and Japanese test cycles, the EPA and South Korean tests give realistic range figures, this makes the announcement of a 200 miles (322 km) electric car even more exciting.


Hyundai all electric SUV spy shot


The new electric SUV from Hyundai will share an existing platform and it’s almost certain that it will be the same of the soon to be released Hyundai Kona. According to Reuters – to be better prepared for the future – Hyundai “is developing its first dedicated architecture for electric vehicles”.

This recent bet in eco-friendly SUVs by the Hyundai-Kia Group is explained with the surprising popularity that Kia Niro has gained. It even surpassed the Hyundai IONIQ in sales.


It’s unfortunate that the German automakers are taking so long to fully embrace electric cars, but this doesn’t mean that the new electric SUVs from the South Korean automakers will be left alone without company. Remember that the soon to be released Nissan new generation QASHQAI and Juke will have multiple powertrains, including all electric. The same can be said for the new generation supermini Micra, that was developed to support different powertrains. It will be interesting to see Nissan and Hyundai-Kia disputing the electric SUV market.


Unlike Volkswagen – with their constant and annoying press releases -, the Hyundai-Kia Group isn’t delaying the future until 2020. At least four long range electric cars are expected for next year. Let’s name them: Kia Niro EV, Kia Stonic EV, Hyundai IONIQ Electric (with bigger battery) and this new compact electric SUV from Hyundai…


Selling bigger cars (SUVs) is definitely more profitable than superminis, however if Hyundai-Kia Group want to take the lead in Europe they need to release an electric car based on the Kia Rio or the Hyundai i20, until then, Renault will be the undisputed leader in this continent with its electric supermini, the Zoe.


The Seoul Motor Show 2017 has just started with the eco-friendly cars in mind, so we should get more news about further developments in the Korean electric car front in the next few days.



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4 years ago

Kona… Gonna be the pajero of Portugal…

4 years ago

Por cierto Pedro Lima gran decepción con el model 3 al parecer solo tendra como máximo una batería de 75kwh y Elon ya ha dicho que con la tecnología actual es lo máximo que tendra. Al parecer tus estimaciones sobre la celda 21700 han sido demasiado optimistas demosles gracias si llegan a una energía especifica de 300wh/kg y tengo serias dudas que lleguen a esa cifra. Pedro Lima me temo que aquellos 930wh/l de densidad volumetrica que anunciastes van a quedar lejos………

4 years ago

Since today, it is definitely KONA