Tesla Model 3 release candidate version on video

Tesla Model 3 release candidate version on video

In the below we have Elon Musk’s tweet.


Legacy automakers were in a meeting discussing hybrids and fuel-cells and this was their reaction when they saw the video…


Then they found out that Tesla Model 3 won’t be delayed – as many predicted…



What do you think? Are legacy automakers overreacting or are they really in trouble?

Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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4 years ago

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah this was my reaction to your way to show this M3 update. Believe it.

Ralf K
4 years ago

“Tesla Model 3 skipped beta testing and is right on schedule.”

Skipped beta testing? And instead, leave it to the customers? Let’s wait if this strategy will prove to be very successful. 🙂

4 years ago

2015 90,086,346 worldwide car production so no they are not sweating bullets…
Tesla cant do it alone but legacy auto does need to and will make tons of evs before it is over…
100,000 cars per year is 1/10s of one percent…
500,000 cars per year is 5/10s of one percent…
EV supporters should cheer for the legacy co EVs that they call vaporware but are well on there way by 2020 and some coming next year…
China will lead the way…

4 years ago
Reply to  Nada

That’s true. And irrelevant.

See what Model S did to them in its own segment. While Model 3 cannot possibly come to dominate its own, much larger segment quite as rapidly, it can utterly transform it.

Model S was less than 0.05 percent of the market by number of units, but still lead to customers and investors alike constantly pestering management and board members about building a competitor – as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover and many many more are now doing.

Even more important, Model 3 seems to have desirability on a similar level to Model S or X, but at a much more accessible price point. In fact, some people (me, for one) thinks it’ll be *better* than the current S and X, which will also benefit from some of the Model 3 developments.

Half a million vehicles is much less than one percent of the total units sold globally. It’s just 1.5% of USA+EU total units. How about its own segment? The “entry-level luxury car” segment in the US is just about 500 000 units! I didn’t look up the number for the EU, but it’s safe to assume it’s a lot less, and about 60% is a good estimate. So USA+EU is only about 800 000 units per year. Even if USA/EU had only the same share of this segment that they do of the total (1/3, 30M out of 90M) the segment size would be less than 2.5 million.

Now consider that no manufacturer has a bigger share in units than about 13%, and that normally in this industry if you can gain 0.5 percentage points of share you’ve had a great year, even as one of the big boys. It’s clear Model 3 can potentially do serious damage to some manufacturers. I think especially BMW and Audi, because their sporty/sexy/high-tech image attracts the same sort of buyers the M3 will appeal to. More conservative Mercedes buyers a bit less so.

Edmunds with Blomberg noted in their report that if the Model 3 dominates its market segment in the same way that the Model S does, then that equates to about 170 000 units sold or year in the US.

Ralf K
4 years ago
Reply to  Terawatt

Major competition from ICE/HEV/PHEV models:
* Audi A3 sedan and A4 sedan
* BMW 3series sedan
* Mercedes CLA
* Volvo S60 sedan
* VW Jetta sedan
* VW Golf GTE
* Audi A3 e-tron

Major competittors BEV-wise, Model 3 will definitely take away sales from:
* Chevy Bolt EV 60 kWh
* Nissan Leaf with larger batteries
* e-Golf with larger batteries
* ioniq electric with larger batteries
* BMW i3 with larger batteries

Tesla will not however win customers wanting a wagon or subcompact car or SUV. The sedan may become successful in the US and China, for the European market Tesla lacks a wagon version.