Renault ZOE battery upgrade conditions

Renault battery upgrade prices


Later this year you’ll be able to upgrade your old ZOE’s battery to the new ZE 40.


For customers that are currently leasing the battery the upgrade will cost 3.500 € and a new leasing contract with higher monthly fees has to be signed, however for those who already own the battery the upgrade will cost 9.900 €.

While the battery upgrades for current ZOE’s owners will start in the second semester this year, there isn’t an official date yet. This uncertainty can be related to the LG Chem battery plant in Poland that will start production also in the second semester.

Renault has a clear interest of delaying the battery upgrades and prioritize the selling of new ZOEs.


As equally – or even more – important as the battery upgrade would be if Renault allowed its customers to simply outright purchase the batteries and end the lease if they wanted to.

Currently the only way to do it isn’t very straight forward. It consists in stop paying the monthly battery rental when the contract ends and fully pay what Renault Crédit International (RCI) considers to be the battery’s value. In both 22 and 41 kWh batteries, RCI considers the value to be 7.000 € (without VAT) when new, and they lose 10 % of their value per year.

For example if you have been renting the battery for 3 years, you would have to pay 5.103 € (7.000 € x 0,9 x 0,9 x 0,9) plus VAT to terminate the battery lease contract and keep the battery. I just wished that Renault would make this process simpler. However I’m sure that some friendlier Renault dealers already help you in this process if you need to.

While Renault representatives keep saying that people prefer the battery leasing scheme, we know that this isn’t true, as it suggests a poll that toke place at the French Automobile Propre forum, where only 10 % of the inquired said to prefer the battery rental scheme…

In Portugal for example, Renault gives higher discounts for ZOEs sold with battery rental than with battery included…


We should have more details about this topic in the summer.



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7 Responses

  1. sapcmc says:

    A total joke this policy of Renault. Only a crazy person buys a Renault EV. Not because of the product that is not bad but the company´s marketing policies that devalue their product exponentially.

  2. Buzzar says:

    I own a Zoe-i and I own the car and battery outright but with these crazy prices it would be more cost effective for me to part exchange my Zoe-i against a new Zoe-i ZE40 which I plan on doing now Renault have released these ridiculous prices! Maybe this is what Renault wants anyway!

  3. sapcmc says:

    Buzzar you are better off supporting other brands. That is what I just did so they can get the message.

  4. Alnair says:

    I own a Zoe Z40 and I decided to take the battery lease option for this reasons:
    – Less purchase price means less financial costs.
    – Unilimited kilometers battery warranty, vs 160.000 if purchased (I plan to drive from 25.000 to 30.000 km/year)
    – Lease price of 119 €/month with unlimited kilometers.
    – 75% of battery capacity guarantied vs 66% if purchased (this is a shame on Renault, Nissan guaranties 75% always).

    So, leasing the battery was sound for me.

    I believe for most users battery lease is more sound than they think but I understand many people don’t like leasing. Me neither but if you make some numbers leasing is not a bad option.

  5. Gad says:

    Alnair, I think you right, BUT when driving over 25000 per year otherwise it is makes less sense…
    Just look at the numbers

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