Kreisel Electric battery plant is almost ready

Kreisel Electric battery plant


Kreisel Electric battery plant construction is on schedule.


Almost a year ago, Kreisel Electric announced that it would build a battery plant in Austria. Now the plant is almost finished and battery production won’t take much longer.

Until now Kreisel has been building their battery packs with tiny 18650 cells, but maybe it’s time to change to a bigger size.


Not only Tesla/Panasonic and Samsung SDI are betting on the 21700 form, LG Chem (20650) and Sanyo (20700) already have cylindrical battery cells bigger than the popular 18650 format.


Samsung SDI 21700 battery cell specs


Using bigger cells will make the task of assembling the battery pack much simpler and cheaper.


The bad news is that while previously Kreisel Electric had plans to offer battery upgrades for various electric cars, the company is now focused in producing battery packs only for new electric cars under big orders/contracts.

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