Second generation Nissan Leaf to be unveiled in September

2018 Nissan Leaf spy shot

Thanks to InsideEVs we now have an official date for the second generation Nissan Leaf’s presentation. Below we can see the confirmation tweets from Nissan.


From the already public spyshots we can confirm that the second generation Nissan Leaf is basically a facelifted Leaf with aerodynamic and aesthetics tweaks. It has more similarities with the Nissan Pulsar than with the sleek IDS Concept. The big difference from the older generation is in the inside. The second generation Leaf will have single-lane autonomous driving – powered by Nissan ProPILOT system – and many new safety features, such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) or lane-keeping function, which are essential to achieve a Euro NCAP 5-Star safety rating.


While it’s not clear why Nissan delayed the release of the second generation Leaf – which was initially scheduled for late last year – the extension of the ProPILOT tests may be one explanation and another could be that finally LG Chem convinced Nissan to use their battery cells in the Leaf. Remember that the LG Chem battery cell factory in Europe (Poland) will start production later this year. Whether the delay was due to more ProPILOT tests, new battery cell supplier or further efficiency tweaks – motivated by the surprisingly efficient Hyundai IONIQ Electric -, I think that the new Leaf will be a good surprise. However we’ll have to wait a little more to know for sure.


While GM is happy to sell the Chevrolet Bolt EV in limited quantities, the Tesla Model 3 is set to start production in July. For this reason September seems a bit too late if Nissan had plans to tempt some of the Tesla Model 3 reservation holders. What do you think?



More info:

New Nissan Leaf Coming In September, On Sale In 2017

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4 years ago

As a late reservation holder M3 might be 2019 or later so Nissan might tempt me if range, looks and price are right.

Just hope some more details and pictures will leak in the meantime or it’ll be a long summer waiting!

4 years ago

Now, Peter, you can cease your guessing predictions of when the LEAF 2.0 will debut. 😀

Also, the spy pictures from a couple weeks ago are probably not indicative of the styling that will ultimately appear on the next gen LEAF.

4 years ago

WooHoo! Now we can start guessing about range, battery options, and price!

There’s a quote from Green Car Reports from Brian Maragno, Nissan North America’s director of electric-vehicle marketing and sales strategy. He says “We think the all-new Leaf will exceed expectations in range, technology, design, and value.”

If we concentrate on range and value, the current leaders are:
Hyundai Ioniq – 124 miles, $29.5K
Chevy Bolt – 238 miles, $37.5K

So Nissan could slot in:
Leaf 1.0 30kWh – 107 miles, $22.5K (while supplies last)
Hyundai Ioniq – 124 miles, $29.5K
Leaf 2.0 42kWh – 155 miles, $32,5K
Leaf 2.0 60kWh – 242 miles, $36,750K
Chevy Bolt – 238 miles, $37.5K

That would be a compelling, competitive line up, as long as the design is good. The only gotcha is the Bolt is probably sill faster because Chevy cares about the 0-60 and Nissan doesn’t (at least in the EV world)

4 years ago

Now Nissan, worldwide leader (after BYD in total) in customer EVs, will show what they can do.
I expect 42+ and 60 kWh battery with more range than Bolt and a better quality also.
They will catch a few customers also from Tesla

4 years ago

The spy shots can also be a mule for testing the ProPilot and battery, maybe the real Leaf 2 is looking different. Many manufactures test mules on old plattforms and design features.

Hopefully it will be worth waiting, I shortly considered a Renautl Zoe ZE40 but now I will wait for Nissan !

Jonas Jovial
4 years ago

Personally, i’m happy i bought my 30kWh Leaf, has i don’t expect this new version to be really available before the beginning of next year.

4 years ago

The Return of the King !

4 years ago

Will see. I don’t think Nissan can tempt M3 reservation holders. At least not me, and I drive the Leaf today. It’s a matter of Nissan being just too boring and old fashioned and soulless compared to Tesla. 97% of Nissan’s business is fossil fuel cars and their big push right now is in SUVs and pick up trucks. Why should I want to be a part of that if I can instead get a car that is dramatically more fun to drive and support a company that only makes EVs? To me it seems certain Tesla will offer both the more compelling product and a much more compelling package all in all.