2018 Kia Soul EV gets a 30 kWh battery

Kia Soul EV
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4 years ago

Good thing that it gets a bump, but wow … I was hoping for something more.
Probably the Ioniq will get the same bump then… since they are sharing so much already.

4 years ago

This upgrade is a joke, I expect Nissan with at least the Zoe battery with 44 kWh for the same price.

4 years ago

Actually no. The charging system, the motor and the interior options will stay the same.. but at least the price gets an increase of 600โ‚ฌ.. *rolling eyes*

4 years ago

Ah, thank you Pedro.
If you want there is also a Dropbox Link now for the scan (better quality maybe):


4 years ago

I agree with Leafer what a joke. I have been waiting for the 2018 and was hoping it would have a 60 KWh battery. If this information is correct someone at Kia should be fired. Who the heck is going to want to buy this car with a 30 KWh battery. Way to ruin a great little EV Kia.

4 years ago

I can hardly believe what I’m seeing. Hyundai is quickly becoming an object of hate to almost rival Toyota! First the idiotically small battery and insane pricing of the otherwise promising IONIQ. And now this BS.

Every little helps is the idiots mantra. A more realistic mantra is we’ll only achieve a little if we only do a little. And this has got to be the most underwhelming upgrade the world of EVs has ever witnessed.

Evil Hyundai. Stay away!!