Renault has an EV surprise reserved for the 87th Geneva International Motor Show

Renault Twingo ZE

In its latest press release Renault reserved some space for EVs. Let’s see:


“News from Renault: New Captur, a comprehensive range of crossovers and an EV surprise

Renault press conference at 12:15pm, Tuesday, March 7, presented by Thierry Koskas (EVP, Sales and Marketing, Groupe Renault) and Gilles Normand (SVP, Electric Vehicles),
– The New Captur, poised to premier in Geneva, delivers even more distinctive styling and new technologies.
– The New Koleos and the Alaskan pick-up to hit the European market in 2017.
– Renault, Europe’s number one electric vehicle brand, takes the wraps off an EV surprise.”


Now that the Smart ForFour Electric Drive’s arrival it’s just two months away, it’s the best time for its brother, the Renault Twingo ZE to be finally introduced. It’s now or never.


The Renault Twingo ZE has been promised by Renault since 2014, but time after time it was postponed by Renault saying that consumers didn’t want electric cars. Now the Zeitgeist has changed and Renault is proud to present itself as “Europe’s number one electric vehicle brand”.


I just hope that Renault doesn’t ruin this “surprise” with an autonomous concept sports electric car like the TREZOR, or a PHEV like the EOLAB.


My bet is on the Renault Twingo ZE, but this “EV surprise” can also be something other than a new electric car. It can also be a major change in the battery leasing scheme. The rumor that Renault will finally allow to buy the batteries for current customers who are leasing them, if confirmed would be great.


What do you think Renault has reserved for us?



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  1. I am guessing the Zoe with DC fast charging.

  2. I’m with Pedro on this one when he mentions battery lease. Is this the big official reveal that a Zoe battery lease customer will (at a price £$€ ) be able to swap-out the leased Zoe 22kWh battery and buy the new 41kWh pack?

  3. Seeing as we’re guessing… how about Fluence Gen 2?

  4. Fingers crossed for a Twingo but at a lower price point than the smart.

  5. I would have loved a ZE MPV-style car with quick charging.

    1. I bet on the “new” Renault Kangoo ZE, based on the drivetrain of the new Zoe.
      Z.E. – larger battery “Z.E.33” MY2018
      This is an MPV with quick-enough charging.

      1. Haven’t they already shown this one?

      2. Not really as the one shown was a commercial van with commercial features (or rather lack of features).

        A Kangoo ZE meant for the public, with ZOE battery capacity and at least 22 kWh charging capabilites, would be a vehicle I would buy.

  6. My speculation would be a bigger car than Zoe, sharing platform and specs with the new Leaf we just saw spy shots of. Maybe called Fluence or Megane? Even better if they put the Scenic body on top!

    1. An electric Grand Scenic would have been awesome. If it wasn’t for the fact that an electric conversion of my current 07 5-seater Grand Scenic is too expensive it would have made an excellent EV. Loads of battery space in that double floor and booth.

  7. I hope Fluence ZE fase2, R90 engine (sm3 based) with 41kwh from LG, fast charge like Zoe or better with DC too and why not 400km NEC like Zoe.
    Fluence ZE is better than Zoe in kw/100km, i know because i have one.
    And of course posibility of battery upgrade to old Fluence ze.
    Renault needs a bigger EV car than Zoe in same class that Hyundai Ionic, Ampera, model 3 and new Leaf.

  8. Twingo ZE would properly just the same as the Smart 4 4 ED with 20 kWh battery.

    1. Not much of a surprise if this is what they’ll bring. 2 months since it was revealed by Goshn alongside the Master ZE. Neither with quick charge capabilities. I still hope for something else. Fingers crossed.

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