More details on the Samsung SDI 94 Ah battery cell

Samsung SDI 94ah battery cell rebadged as GWL Power
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4 years ago

More info about those cells, more technical.

4 years ago

Do you have a similar level of detail on the 60Ah?

2 years ago
Reply to  David

The only detailed info available (got it from ebay seller) on the 60ah to my knowledge.

4 years ago

Hmmm if BMW were to switch to 21700 cells not sure if they could retrofit those in existing i3s which could cause an uproar …

4 years ago
Reply to  sapcmc

I do not believe that BMW will switch to small cylindrical format before 2020 if ever. Most likely the next battery update will get 120 Ah Samsung-SDI prismatic cells.

Jonas Jovial
4 years ago

“What’s interesting is that the recommended charging current is only 0,5 C and we know that the BMW i3’s 33,39 kWh battery can be charged by a DC fast charger at 49,5 kW, which is roughly 1,48 C.”

Why do you say this? The cels are not charged all in series… They are charged by blocs in series and each bloc in parallel with the others.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jonas Jovial

The cell config is 96s1p.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jonas Jovial

Correct, I think BMW have done many experiments to prove the decayed cycle which can still satisfy the requirements of user if using fast charge.

4 years ago

If the i3s has 42 kWh, we may see the 120 Ah prismatic cells finally become reality.
96s1p: 96*3,65V*120Ah=42 kWh