Renault Zoe is now more affordable in Portugal

Renaul Zoe Electric Days

Renault usually advertises the Zoe a lot more seriously in the summer, probably because test driving an electric car in warmer temperatures gives a better range figure on the guess-o-meter, which is essential for a good first impression.

But in Portugal warm weather is almost a constant during the year and today with 17º C in Lisbon, we see Renault starting a new campaign in Portugal called “Electric Days”.



The “Electric Days” campaign is a two step-strategy to sell the Renault Zoe – with the new ZE 40 battery. First, “getting butts into seats” by offering easy and fast to arrange test drives. Second, offering a nice discount to make this great electric car more affordable.

Renault is now heavily advertising on TV and online the ZOE Z.E. 40 Intens Flex (battery leasing) with a price of 17.560 €, which already includes the Government incentive (2.250 €). This represents a total discount of 9.390 €, of which 7.140 € are from Renault, considering that the regular price for the same car is 26.950 €.

This price reduction makes the Renault Zoe now a much better alternative to its dirty brother, the Clio. At least in Portugal, others countries may have to wait for the usual June/July discounts to get better deals.


As a side note, I’ve been reading some comments from the drivers – in colder countries – that are disappointed with the new battery’s provided range, but things will get better as soon as temperatures start to rise. Don’t worry it’s normal, there’s nothing wrong with your car. In extremely cold conditions you can have yours electric car’s range per charge reduced to half.



More info:

Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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4 years ago

Too bad Renault Portugal is not providing battery upgrades for owners of the ZOE R240 with battery ownership. They basically ask you 9500€ for the battery upgrade which is useless due to the amount. And the old battery is offered to Renault they do not let you keep it …

4 years ago
Reply to  sapcmc


You state “Too bad Renault Portugal is not providing battery upgrades”
then you state “They basically ask you 9500€ for the battery upgrade”

NOW the facts…
Renault WILL be offering a 41kWh battery upgrade to battery lease customers for €3500 in Q1 of 2017 and you CONTINUE to pay an increased battery lease.

There is no word yet if this offer will be extended to Zoe-i owners that own their battery.
I hope that is is the case as I own a Zoe-i and own my car and battery!

Jonas Jovial
4 years ago

It could be nice, but…

1. It’s a Renault..and we all know how Renault assistance works in Portugal…
2. The battery leasing is a no go…
3. I personally have knowledge of a case were the brakes in the Zoe failed and Renault denied all..

So, no thanks!

4 years ago
Reply to  Jonas Jovial

100% true.
its a no go.

4 years ago

Did you have any range test with the ZE 40 clinbing a hill?

4 years ago

In Norway the price was really good in 2016 but when they started delivering cars in January 2017 they increased the prices quite a bit. I guess they will run another campaign when the order books begin to slim down.

With regards to range in colder climates AppleKnocker on will test it on a 225 km trip (each way) in the coming weekend, the weather forecast points towards very low temperatures. Will be interesting to see the range and if/how battery heating works with pre-conditioning on both an 11 kW charger and a 10A outlet.

4 years ago

@Buzzar asking 9500€ for a battery upgrade on a Zoe-i is the same as non existent to me. It is a lot more affordable to sell the car and buy a new one.

4 years ago

Jose Pedro Mendes February 7, 2017 at 21:37
Hello Pedro,
Congrats for your website. I’m so proud to see a fellow compatriot leading a lovely website and sharing all his knowledge about E.V.s
Today i visited Renault dealership in Santarem, and they’re offering a nice discount on the Zoe 40.
Intense Flex for 19.800€ without the battery.
Got a new job with a 5 year contract, so will drive around 200.000 for the next 5 years, 150km on a daily basis. (Week days)
Can’t decide if should buy (8 years warranty or 160.000km) or lease the battery (119€ monthly with unlimitted km)
My main worry is: I can’t afford to loose more than 20/25% of the battery during those 5 years at least and the warranties are quite different between both options.
Need some advice pls.
Thank you in advance!
Kind regards,
Jose Mendes


4 years ago

My Zoe r240 has a summertime range with my driving pattern with my entire family of 5 of about 165 km in the summer and 110 km at around freezing. But that’s OK.

The main problem with the Zoe is the heating system, it has a lot of child diseases. I have just had some parts replaced, it’ll be interesting to see if it helped.

Egberto Melo Moreira Jr.
4 years ago

O que os meus amigos acham da minha análise???

Tenho ainda outro reparo a fazer. Além do preço exorbitante que se paga pela bateria, havemos de considerar que muitas vezes, especialmente em cidades, províncias ou ilhas como a nossa, as distâncias percorridas são relativamente pequenas. Eu por exemplo tenho um volume de quilometragem médio de 800km.

O meu custo de abastecimento raramente é superior aos 70euros mensais. Qual a economia que eu faria? NENHUMA!

Voltando ao assunto da leviana transposição da tabela britânica para a portuguesa, sem levar em consideração os câmbios e conversões de unidade:

7500milhas (625milhas /mês) = 12000km (1000km /mês) ; e
69£ / mês valem 83euros / mês.

O consumo médio do ZOE aqui na Madeira é de 30kwh/100km. Isso traduz-se para cerca de 3.50euros de consumo energético aos 100km. Mas a isso acrescem 8.30euros, devido ao preço do leasing da bateria!!!

Ou seja temos um preço final de 11.80euros/100km

(o meu Toyota Yaris 1.4 D-4D de 2005, tem um consumo de 10euros/100km).

No entanto, o cálculo acima foi baseado na leitura correta da tabela britânica.

Se fôssemos fazer a transcrição saloia, o valor do leasing da bateria seria de 11euros /100km, com um custo final de 3.50euros + 11euros = 14.50euros/100km!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mas eu não conseguiria adotar o primeiro patamar da tabela feita para Portugal (saloia) do leasing, pois o meu consumo situa-se acima dos 7500km/ano.

Teria assim que ir para o segundo patamar de 10000km ou 833km/mês; cujo valor do leasing é de 79euros, o que traduz-se em 9.10euros / 100km (caso o condutor realmente utilize a totalidade desse percurso de 833km / mês, pois se não o fizer estará penalizando o seu valor final, já que estará a pagar leasing por quilometragem não percorrida). Por isso o valor final aos 100km seria no caso prático para o meu tipode utilização, da ordem dos 3.50euros + 9.10euros = 12.60euros.

O meu custo comparado ao mês para 800km:

Toyota Yaris 1.4 D-4D de 2005 – 70 euros / 800 km / mês
Renault ZOE R40 2016 – 94euros / 800 km / mês (transposição da tabela britânica no 1º patamar)
Renault ZOE R40 2016 – 107 euros / 800 km / mês (tabela saloia 2º patamar)

(seria ainda penalizado em cerca de 7euros por deixar de consumir todo o valor contratado, 833km/mês! Vamos sempre ser penalizados, pois se passarmos um pouco do valor contratado, registado por chip e tele-enviado à Renault, pagamos uma exorbitante penalização de excesso de 0.05euros /km percorrido)

Resumindo, o carro não é económico, e o seu custo aos 100 km entre o justo, e acréscimo no orçamento mensal pode custar ao meu bolso cerca de 37 euros.

OBS: É verdade, há incentivos, como por exemplo o imposto anual que reflete as emissões dos veículos, que no caso do ZOE é muito reduzido. Há também o facto desse veículo usufruir (até quando ninguém sabe dizer), de estacionamento gratuito nas vagas de rua faixa azul (não há almoços grátis!!!) é óbvio que chegará um momento quando essa regalia deixará de existir.

Uma decisão difícil de tomar… Pendendo para a REPROVAÇÃO…

Asle H
4 years ago

I would love to buy a ZOE, but the lack of a 40/60 backseat means my twelve year old need to walk everytime I’m bringimg some cargo.

4 years ago

Great news! I hope the ZOE in 41 kWh guise will be a big success – and that the next edition becomes more efficient as well as adding capacity again. It is a bit of a let-down that the current car at times barely beats the IONIQ, and with that one getting a lot more capacity in 2018 (on sale from autumn 2017??) the ZOE really needs to improve on efficiency to stay competitive.

4 years ago
Reply to  Terawatt

Is that the IONIC that is getting more BATTERY capacity in 2018 and do you have details as I like the look of the IONIC and the reliability reputation of Hyundai?

I have had 3 Zoe’s since May 2013 and presently own a Zoe-i and own car and battery but I have to say that all my 3 Zoe’s have suffered reliability issues and I like the good reliability reputation of the IONIC and Hyundai so if we could have a 40kWh or more battery upgrade for IONIC I will be going there for my #4 BEV 😉