Facelifted Nissan Leaf at CES 2017

Facelifted Nissan Leaf at CES 2017
Facelifted Nissan Leaf at CES 2017

InsideEVs as always did a great job by taking some – until now – unseen pictures of the Nissan Leaf that Nissan is using to promote the Intelligent Mobility at CES 2017.


While it seems that nobody noticed, this is probably the facelifted Nissan Leaf with the slightly bigger battery capacity we’ve been waiting for in this blog. I think that because most people were waiting for a completely new electric car, they didn’t notice what is right there in front of them…


Below we have two pictures, that we can thank InsideEVs for.


Facelifted Nissan Leaf at CES 2017


It’s just a minor facelift, but the reduction of the “frog eyes” is great for better aesthetics and aerodynamics. Those wheel trims and the cameras replacing the side mirrors also help to further improve the aerodynamics and efficiency. All combined, at least 10-15 % efficiency improvement is achieved at highway speeds.



Facelifted Nissan Leaf at CES 2017


I can’t see much difference in the rear, except for a what seems to be a diffuser for better airflow underneath the car. I also wonder if the trunk gained some extra space or usability.


All in all, I was expecting a sleeker front, but to be fair, in last July when I wrote the facelifted Nissan Leaf story I was told it would be just a minor facelift with two battery options. I just hoped it to be a bit better looking and aerodynamic. But every improvement as small as it can be is always welcomed.


Now we have to find what Nissan did to the interior, especially to the Leaf’s powertrain efficiency. If I had to guess I would say it’ll get a 150-160 miles EPA range.

Next stop will be Monday, January 9 at NAIAS, where Carlos Ghosn will be on stage for 25 minutes.


What do you think? Is this Nissan Leaf a let down, or like me, you need to know the price first to decide it?



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Clearly a let-down to me, sorry. I stayed up late to watch the keynote and was utterly disappointed to see only the well-known IDS-concept and what seemed to me nothing more than a test vehicle for autonomous tech on the stage.

I doubt this is ‘the new Leaf’, why put it on a stage and in the Nissan boot without any comment or referral to it and then a couple of days later at NAIAS put it under a sheet and, tadaaaa!, “reveal” it again as the ‘new’ model?


Nissan the boat is sailing further and further away 🙁


Yes, nissan is in desperate need to come up with really good EV stuff very very soon. The Leaf was really good when it came but I can’t see why they didn’t have the facelift 2-3 years ago? Ghosen really need to but some real effort in to the EV buisness NOW, he is in charge of Mitsubishi that lunched the firs EV, but after the IMiev only one phev. Renault has come strong but the lack of fast charging in the cars are very strange buisnes decision. Get this alliance on the right track Ghosen.


Leaf was again the best selling EV of the world last year and is keeping all wannebees at distance.

Jonas Jovial

Last chance next Monday… If no news come, i will have to look for a Ioniq to import

I’ll probably go to the ‘dark side’, (maybe grey because it;s a hybrid) and get the ioniq Hybrid during the wait for M3. Fed up with needing to charge every 50 miles or so.

Bolt / Ampera-e maybe.


Decepción absoluta ¿¿¿¿Solo 38 kwh de batería a estas alturas 2017????. ¿¿¿¿Refrigeración de batería todavia por aire????. Sinceramente no se a que juega Nissan pero conmigo que no cuente. Por cierto feo de narices este Leaf.

Jason Meador

That redesigned front end looks good but I liked the frog eyes, too. Still don’t like the rear quarter panels – the “line” running through hips still bothers me. The combination of the line and the rounded areas is jarring. Do one or the other – like the rounded 370z / Juke ‘hips’ or the angular GTR rear panels. But the combination of both is unappealing. I know the ground effects are practical but that look doesn’t grab me either. Overall, I hope the redesign does something more for the rear but I could live with this with a 125… Read more »


Not the Gen 2 Leaf, likely a refreshed model. Ghosn says Gen 2 is coming “in the near future” in this article http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1108175_next-nissan-leaf-propilot-self-driving-included-200-mile-range-or-more-confirmed


A facelifted Leaf would have make sense 2 years ago,or last year, but somewhere in 2017, less than a year before Leaf 2.0, it would be very strange. If this is true, it means that Nissan will offer both Leaf (1.5 and 2.0) at the same time?


I think this facelift Nissan Leaf will be skipped. I heared from a Nissan dealer one month ago that a key acount manager told him Gen 2 should come August 2017 and before a bigger battery for the actually Leaf.


If it is it is minor and a huge improvement as little cues and changes in some colors can make…


This is most probably NOT the new Leaf. Looks nearly same as a body kit from NISMO from 2013:

J stack

Did they cool the,battery so it won’t degrade like the existing LEAF?

We should know more on this when Renault officially presents the Kangoo ZE with the new 38 kWh battery in January 13th.


They say it will have Microsoft infotainment so it would a no go for me as I hate Microsoft and their crappy products from the bottom of my heart.

As a Linux guy myself I’m with you on this.

At least Tesla is using Linux successfully in their cars.

Jonas Jovial

Microsoft is not that bad anymore, specially since they begun to force hardware manufacturers to create drivers for there hardware that had to be certified in their labs. Notice any blue screens lately?

At my country, the two main IPTV providers use set top boxes with Microsoft Media Room and they work for days and days without issues 😉

You’re probably right, they can’t be as bad as they were. But sharing the knowledge with open-source is the way to go for a better society.

Regarding IPTV nothing beats a cheap 30 € linux tv box with a Amlogic S905X CPU and LibreELEC-Kodi-Exodus installed 🙂


this car looks like as it is laughing at us with the open mouth ^^ i also dislike cortana/MS and i’d much rather like it had android auto support as ioniq or bolt.

That is a deal breaker for me too – also because you will be limited to a small Microsoft universe with only Microsoft products and Microsoft services.

As Linus Torvalds once said : “Microsoft isn’t evil, they just make really crappy operating systems.”


I wouldn’t be surprised if under that white cladding there was the facelift car lurking underneath. The front/rear bumpers, bonnet, and sides seem to be (very thick) white plastic while rest of the car is black.