Today Carlos Ghosn takes the stage at CES 2017

Today Carlos Ghosn takes the stage at CES 2017
CES 2017 Nissan Keynote Announcement

Nissan is very excited with its CEO, Carlos Ghosn’s appearance at CES 2017 and we are too.




We can watch the live presentation in here:



High technology and electric cars go hand in hand, this is why CES is excited to have more and more automakers taking the stage.



In its YouTube channel Nissan has a dedicated video list to the CES 2017 event.




This year will be the beginning of Carlos Ghosn’s vision put into work of a world towards zero emissions and zero fatalities.

We can expect the Nissan ProPILOT to be implement in many Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance’s cars. Not having safety features such as AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) or LKAS (Lane Keeping Assist System) shouldn’t be allowed in new cars, now that these technologies are available at low cost.

Also important is the increasing electrification of some of those higher tech cars, part will be all electric, while others hybrids – with and without plugs.


But how to predict the pace of the electric car production?

Automakers don’t discuss their plans with customers, but they have to do it with their suppliers. If you want to predict what an automaker will produce, just take a close look at their suppliers…


While we all want to see the facelifted Nissan Leaf with the new battery made with AESC cells – to be shared with Renault Kangoo ZE and Nissan e-NV200, there is a lot more to come in 2017/2018. The Alliance will start to share powertrains and LG Chem battery cells will have a major role in it.

Some of the electric cars that are likely to share the LG Chem battery cells are: the Nissan Juke EV; Nissan Micra EV; Renault Zoe and Renault Twingo EV. In late 2017, when the LG Chem battery plant in Europe is in full operation we’ll see some of these new Alliance electric cars start to appear.


LG Chem EV battery global production



If you still don’t know which automaker is more serious about electric cars, GM or the Alliance, just compare how much batteries is LG Chem planning to produce in the USA and Europe.


I really think that the Alliance is going to take the electric mobility lead again and produce great electric cars which are more affordable, more efficient, safer and more practical – with more range/faster charging – in 2017.


What do you think? How high or low are your expectations for 2017 and the following year?


Update: YouTube streaming didn’t work, but you can see the presentation at Periscope.



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Jonas Jovial

I really hope they announce the new Leaf, with better efficiency and a bigger battery. If there is plans for a Juke EV and with LG cells, and if they have thermal management, i may consider the Juke, if it does not take to long to apear!

Unfortunately the event only starts at 0h00 GMT :(…

I have also read they will be presenting na hybrid Plug-in Qashqai. Let’s hope this is not the only thing they will present…

With the opening of the LG Chem battery plant in Poland, we’ll see the Alliance introduce plenty of electric cars. Including the new generation Qashqai, that’ll likely share the same powertrain with the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.


I think today will be technobabble about autonomous cars and nothing concrete on the product side – Carlos is a keynote speaker in Detroit as well, and presumably we’ll have to wait until the ninth to get the word about the new LEAF…

Yes, you’re probably right.

But at least a teaser image or video would be nice to get more people going to the NAIAS.

Jonas Jovial

Ahhhhhhhhh.. don’t say that!

I’m eagerly waiting for the new leaf!


Detroit is what inside EVs is strongly hinting at for Nissan Leaf anouncements…
Hopefuly Nissans announcements are good or even excelent…

Robert Malcolm Kay

Some companies talk the talk: Nissan and partners walk the walk. I don’t expect miracles, just steady progress.

Ahmed Mohammed

This is just what we expected from the company

Jonas Jovial

What a hell.. they are late 😬

The YouTube streaming didn’t work and I only got the last minutes at Periscope. I’m now seeing the recorded stream.

This skips right to 1.700 seconds, that’s when action starts.

Peter Jespersen

Cortana in control of my vehicle – no tanks Biff!