Renault is working on a new affordable EV model

Renault Twingo ZE
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4 years ago

Buenas Pedro

A mí lo que me gustaría saber es por qué cuando te metes por ejemplo en Nissan España, los Leaf te vienen con descuentos y cuándo te vas a no te aparece ni uno, ¿no los hay o es que tienes que ir al concesionario a enterarte?

Yya sé que eres portugués pero…a alguien le tengo que preguntar.

4 years ago
Reply to  Pedro Lima

Muito brigado pela resposta, Pedro.

4 years ago

For the Renault discounts, you have to go to the dealership. Theres you can find good discounts.

Para los descuentos de Renault, tienes que ir a los concesionarios. Suelen tener buenos descuentos.

Ralf K.
4 years ago

You say: “It would also take the most efficient BEV title away from the Hyundai IONIQ Electric.”

However several non-EPA measured cars are already more efficient than ioniq electric, such as VW e-Up, Artega Scalo, and L7e cars like Twizy, and L6e Twike, They are just not measured in the US.

And any Renault Eolab will not be measured either, as Renault is not sold in the US.

4 years ago

Hello Pedro,
Congrats for your website. I’m so proud to see a fellow compatriot leading a lovely website and sharing all his knowledge about E.V.s
Today i visited Renault dealership in Santarem, and they’re offering a nice discount on the Zoe 40.
Intense Flex for 19.800€ without the battery.
Got a new job with a 5 year contract, so will drive around 200.000 for the next 5 years, 150km on a daily basis. (Week days)
Can’t decide if should buy (8 years warranty or 160.000km) or lease the battery (119€ monthly with unlimitted km)
My main worry is: I can’t afford to loose more than 20/25% of the battery during those 5 years at least and the warranties are quite different between both options.
Need some advice pls.
Thank you in advance!
Kind regards,
Jose Mendes

4 years ago

Hi Jose,

I also have a 140 km trip to my work and make 25.000 – 30.000 km/year. I opted for leasing the battery. If you take into account financial costs, buy or lease have no much difference in total cost of ownership, but leasing is much less risky, and you get a 75% capacity warranty