BMW i3 facelift to be unveiled in September 2017

BMW i3 concept design sketch

The rumor about a facelifted BMW i3 in 2017 isn’t new, but until now we hadn’t an exact date for its debut. According to Autocar not only the redesigned BMW i3 will get more range, it’ll also have a sportier version called i3S to be shown at IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2017, next September.


Many things can happen in this redesign, but aerodynamic improvements areย in my opinion the most urgent thing to do. The current BMW i3 has a very boxy shape that doesn’t help its efficiency, specially at higher speeds. Since this redesigned BMW i3 is expected to be on sale in 2018, if not standard, it’ll probably have a mirrorless version with cameras for better aerodynamics and safety.

While it’s difficult to make short cars with good aerodynamics, it’s not impossible. The Renault EOLAB concept – that’s basically a plug-in hybrid Clio – has a drag coefficient of 0,235. The EOLAB concept is even more aerodynamic than longer electric cars like the Hyundai IONIQ Electric or Tesla Model S.


Renault Eolab Concept

Renault Eolab Concept


For example, if the BMW i3 had the Hyundai IONIQ Electric’s efficiency its EPA range would increase from 114 miles (183 km) to 131 miles (211 km), without the need to increase the battery capacity. But if the efficiency increase was accompanied by the upgrade from 94 to 120 Ah battery cells the EPA range could reach 168 miles (270 km). This would make the REx version unnecessary for most drivers.

It’s still unclear if the facelift will get the new 120 Ah Samsung SDI battery cells in its first model year, but I don’t expect the news cells to arrive before theย 2nd half of 2018, when the Samsung SDI battery plant in Hungary starts commercial operation.


If the new BMW i3 gets 5 seats, more body color options and faster charging it’ll be even more tempting.


What would you want to see introduced in the new BMW i3?



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Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. Iโ€™m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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5 years ago

I dont think it is a redesign just a refresh so it will not change structuarly just different front and rear bumpers and headlighs and maybe painted as a normal car and hopefuly no more fake grills…

5 years ago

NO more suicide doors and give the new i3 5 seats please!

Jonas Jovial
5 years ago

As long as the price for a base i3 without options that are standard on the top leaf keeps on being around 10000โ‚ฌ higher, the i3 is a no go…

5 years ago

Heated steering wheel please ! Heated windshield option ! LED foglamps and high beams …wider tires ?

John Doe
4 years ago

If the car will look like the drawing, it’s going to be a big plus in my book. I will consider it as my next car.

Would have loved it as a 5 seater, but I’ll manage with 4. It will be our second car, but will be the one we’re going to use the most.
I have tested a lot of different electric cars, and had zoomed it down to the i3, Renault Zoe and the Ionic from Hyundai. I was really surprised by the handling of the BMW, but because of the price I felt the Ionic offered best value for the money, even though the range was not that good. It feels very efficient and it handles OK. Then came the rumours of longer range in the 2018 model, so it could compete with the Zoe (which the kids loved by the way).
Then I tested the VW e-Golf, and it is just sooo quiet. It is clearly they have kept all the sound insulation from the ICE version. Drive a Tesla, and then drive a e-Golf and you will notice the difference. Now the e-Golf has longer range, and good handling as well.
Then comes corrotion resistanse, where the BMW is superior. . . and they are offered with a cheap maintenance contract.
BMW has also been able to deliver cars fast as well. Little or no waiting time. Sign the deal, and drive the car home.