2017 Ford Focus Electric gets EPA ratings

2017 Ford Focus Electric

While we already knew that the price starts at 29.120 USD in the USA, now we have official EPA ratings as you can see in the image below.


2017 Ford Focus Electric window sticker


The 115 miles (185 km) range is on par with most recently improved electric cars, but the efficiency is still a disappointment.


Let’s translate these MPGe figures to more understandable numbers.










185 km

204 km

166 km

19,57 kWh/100km

17,75 kWh/100km

21,81 kWh/100km


Remember that EPA figures measure plug-to-wheels consumption, this means that the internal charger efficiency matters.

However, efficiency isn’t the worst characteristic in this electric car. The battery takes a lot of space in the trunk.



Yet, the more the merrier and considering the price, this electric car is actually good.


What do you think about the 2017 Ford Focus Electric?



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  1. Like you said, the trunk is much too small, it’s a big turn-off. It’s sad because at this price, it would be a top seller with a 33,5kwh battery with TMS. Also, I thought that this car would be more efficient on the highway.

  2. Ford also added a CCS inlet (50 kW) with MY2017. I consider that worth noticing.

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