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Nissan Leaf 48 kWh promo

The picture above is probably fake, but…


After Nissan recently announced that the 2017 Nissan Leaf would remain basically the same, with the small difference of the 30 kWh battery become standard on all trims, everybody got disappointed.

How is it possible that the biggest battery capacity for Nissan electric cars is only 30 kWh, while its sister company Renault is about to have a 41 kWh battery for the Renault Zoe, that’s a smaller electric car?!

Is Nissan dropping the ball now that the Chevrolet Bolt EV is almost here?!


Even before Nissan released the 2017 Nissan Leaf specs, I got the information that the Nissan Leaf would have two different variants. Similar to what Nissan currently does with the Versa Sedan and Versa Note, or the four different variants Toyota has in the USA for the Prius (Prius, Prius Prime, Prius C and Prius V).

This means that we’ll see Nissan selling two Leaf variants side by side until the original model is phased out.


Rendering of possible facelifted 2017 Nissan Leaf


Putting a bigger battery in a different variant makes it simpler for Nissan to explain that old Leafs can’t have it.


Rendering of possible facelifted 2017 Nissan Leaf


The other information I got is that the new battery is already in production at Sunderland, United Kingdom and will also be available to the Nissan e-NV200 electric van. It won’t be the same as the one used in Renault Zoe made with LG Chem battery cells.

The first electric Nissan to get the LG Chem battery will be the Nissan Micra EV in late 2017. Renault will build the Nissan Micra at the same Flins plant in France where it currently builds the Clio and the Zoe. Nissan Micra EV and Renault Zoe will share not only the battery but also other components.


Last but not least, the Nissan electric car based in the IDS concept with the 60 kWh battery won’t be here before 2018.


Nissan IDS concept car


To answer my own question in the beginning. No, Nissan is not dropping the ball now that the Chevrolet Bolt EV is coming. Nissan will have more and better electric cars sooner than you might think.


This information is all I got for now, no need to send me e-mails to ask for more. As you can imagine I haven’t seen the new battery with my own eyes, I rely on information given to me, but I only make it public when I find the source(s) credible.

If you do have more information feel free to contact me or post it on the comment section.

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  1. Excellent news that an upgrade is still coming but I am not sure about Nissans pricing of it…
    The pricing of the 30 kWh Leaf is already way to close to Bolt pricing to make me think that it is worth it when factoring in Leaf battery issues and an extra 120+ mile range…
    I also dont see the outdated Leaf without thermal battery protection being worth more than any of the other 100 milers like the eGolf, FFE, or the Ioniq…
    I do hope they bring the Micra and more specificaly the Micra EV to the US as that is more the size I would prefer…

  2. Very, very disappointing news that there won’t be an IDS based 60kWh car before 2018 if it is true. They should have learned from the Model 3 reservation count that a good looking EV with 200 miles range is in very high demand and they could have sold more in a couple of years than the current Leaf has sold in it’s entire lifespan.

    I have reserved a Model 3 but had high hopes that Nissan would make me cancel it in spring 2017 and get their IDS based 60kWh car. Now i will have to soldier on with my limited range 2012 Leaf until 2018 and then I will probably choose the Model 3.

    There is no way I will buy a current Leaf in the meantime, even with the rumoured 48kWh battery and I think many, many customers will think the same way.

    Still hoping the LA Auto Show and CES 2017 will prove thios news wrong!

    1. I’m in the exact same situation, but didn’t expect the second generation LEAF to be here before 2018. But nor will the Model 3, if you want a base version at least.

      Only one week left until LA and hopefully we will finally get to know what Nissan offers for 2017. The black edition recently announced makes one wonder if there won’t be a facelift, and the plan to replace it one year later also speaks against any major changes.

      It seems Ampera-e will be without a challenger after all. The Zoe is not priced sufficiently below, and VW and BMW are both a bit ridiculous in 2017. But Opel won’t be able to deliver enough of the Ampera-e, and that may be why the others decide not to bother trying to compete directly with it. I don’t know, but it certainly seems a lot like car makers don’t really want to sell that many EVs before new regs arrive that will force the issue. To my mind it kind of makes sense to develop the products but sell few of them if it’s not profitable but you need to be ready in 2020. 😵

  3. I wanted to buy an uppgraded Leaf after my leasyperiod expires on june 2017, wanted to be loyal to Nissan for being at the front with EV but i guess its not to be.
    I guess the E-Golf or Ioniq is my alternative choice in Sweden.

    1. Far better to get the Zoe then, or Ampera-e if you can get hold of one.

      1. I don’t think so.. The Zoe is to expensive and smaller than the Leaf. Leaf has better interiors, equipment and more comfortable. Also, the Zoe is limited to 22kWh charge…

      2. I meant 22 kW (and not 22kWh) charge..

      3. Is not limited
        Q90 is capable of charging with 43 kW 😉
        Only R90 is limited to 22 kW

  4. I really hope they don’t take long time to announce the 48kWh model, since i’m waiting for this one. Specially now, that i have found that the Ampera-e won’t come to Portugal before 2018 :(…

    I need this version, and i need it quick! If they don’t have it quick, i will have to probably go to the Hyundai Ioniq.

    1. Who told you that about ampera-e? In every opel they told us that come in 2017…

      1. There was an article on the magazine autohoje from this week stating that for Portugal the Amepra-e would only come in 2018. Of course we know that the autohoje is by no means a reference in the field…There is always the chance they are wrong.

  5. Pedro, do you still think they will present the 48kWh version next Monday at Vegas?

    1. That’s what makes sense now that the Chevrolet Bolt EV is already in production.

      Some have been referring the CES in January, 2017, but that’s too late.

      1. Thanks. Let’s keep our fingers crossed 😉

      2. IMO it’s already too late. Like Erik wrote before, no way I will buy a 40+kwh EV (WITHOUT TMS!!!) for a small car when a Bolt with 60 kwh usable (WITH TMS!) is alreay available at (almost?) the same price.

      3. The problem is that the Bolt/Ampera-e is not going to be available that soon in Portugal, for example. And i’m tired of waiting…

      4. But it isn’t. And rumour has it it’s sold out for 2017 in Norway. I registered my interest with Opel back in January, right after it was confirmed at CES. I had to find a “contact us” link at their site because they had nothing there, no way to tell them you were interested. But they never said anything to me about it being possible to reserve and there’s still nothing on their web site, so I’m frankly a bit pissed if it turns out it’s sold out.

        Not that any of it is surprising. Opel Norway have long had decent products to peddle, but the organisation is weak and customers aren’t taken care of the way they should be – nor prospect customers, it seems.

      5. In Canada I might be more lucky to get a Bolt as I’m already on the list, but didn’t give any account yet. At this point, I might wait a little bit more and get model 3 anyway (reservation done).

  6. In the past bringing out a special series car like the black edition Leaf meantvthat the new model was not ready yet or that the market was still buying the car even if it was long in the tooth. The new leaf is not ready to be brought out yet and im waiting like lots of reader’s. Lets hope that Nissan brings out a good quality and reliable new Leaf. No nonsense like the bad tranny cooler’s that leaked in exterra and Pathfinder’s resulting in blown transmission’s. Im talking to you Gohsn! Almost everything that comes out the Smyrna plant is mediocre in reliability.

  7. Hello!

    Any youtube press stream where we can see the news? I’m anxious to know if the new 48kWh Leaf is really coming!


  8. Well, again, no news)-:

    1. seems so… I can’t understand why is Nissan so quiet…. This must be killing their sales, for sure! Probably they don’t want sales to be high..

      1. Guess they’re betting on people tiring of ‘waiting’ for 2018 cars or those (including the Bolt) being to expensive and selling the current Leaf for a competetive price.

        The ‘black edition’ is set to run through august 2017…

        Even if the ‘variant’ story is true, the same will happen that happened with the 2013MY Leaf: it will be more expensive, once the older version is sold out it will drop to the price of the older model, making it necessary to wait until the older model is phased out to get the new one.

        Together with the ‘black edition’ this means August 2017 will be the earliest moment to get a new Leaf. But then M3 is around the corner and lots of people will have jumped to the Ioniq (’cause it’s more efficient) or the Bolt / Ampera-e (because it has a 60kWh battery).

  9. Well…i would say that the reality is that is not going to be a 48kWh Leaf. Not soon, and never, from what it seems.

    Pedro, do you still believe there’s going to appear a 48kWh Leaf on the market?

    1. Yes, definitely there is a new Leaf coming soon.

      “Nissan Motor Co.’s Michael Bunce, speaking during an interview Wednesday, said the Japanese auto maker is revamping its Leaf electric car and will show off a new version soon. He said the vehicle will have battery-range upgrades and a revised design.”

      I think that Ghosn was surprised with the Chevrolet Bolt EV range and the Hyundai IONIQ electric efficiency. The delay of the unveil may be related to Nissan tweaking the new Leaf’s efficiency to make it as good as possible without changing the battery, since the new battery with more capacity is already in production but not the car.

      1. I really hope it does not take long.. i’m really tired of my Diesel ICE car…

        On the opposite side, i’m really happy with my 2nd Generation Prius converted to GPL, but the car is mainly driven by my wife 😀

      2. Didn’t knew that the GPL Prius was yours, I read about that conversion at a long time ago.

        Congrats, that’s a serious cool Prius.

      3. Thanks.. There was another one, but that guy no longer participated. Mine is a more recent (the conversion was performed about 1 year and 1 month ago).

  10. For the game that Nissan is playing with their clientèle, they deserve to be blacklisted.

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