Renault Zoe charge time calculator

Renault Zoe R90 with ZE 40 battery charge time estimation

Small actions like this indicate that Renault is now more serious about electric cars then ever before. The quantity and quality of information available about a product indicates how much its maker wants to sell it.

Until now many Renault dealers were misinformed about the electric cars they were selling and customers were often given wrong information. Online range and charge time calculators not only empower dealers, that now have easy and fast access to important information, but also the customers.


While the ZE 40 battery is a no-brainer, no calculator is needed to decide it, the online charge time calculator might help you decide which motor you’ll order.

In my opinion, even without fast charging, the R90 is the best choice, since it’s much more efficient in charge and discharge. You’ll get better range and in most cases faster and more economical charge.


At the moment we get different results depending on the website’s country, it seems to me that the most accurate and complete calculator is the one provided by Renault Spain. I made a table for easier comparison between Q90 and R90. But remember that these figures aren’t 100 % reliable yet. I expect to see some minor corrections made by Renault very soon. When it happens I’ll update the table.


Charge time from 0 to 80 %

Charge rate

R90 – ZE 40

Q90 – ZE 40

2,3 kW (10 A)

20 h

24 h 20 m (+ 260 m)

3,2 kW (14 A)

13 h

14 h 20 m (+ 80 m)

7,4 kW (32 A)

5 h

6 h 20 m (+ 80 m)

11 kW (3 x 16 A)

3 h 20 m

3 h 20 m

22 kW (3 x 32 A)

1 h 38 m

1 h 40 m (+ 2 m)

43 kW (3 x 62 A)

1 h 38 m

1 h 05 m (- 33 m)


Don’t forget that time is money, in this case it’s literal since charging inefficiency will cost you extra. The R90 will save you money in most cases. Unless you charge at 43 kW very often, avoid the Q90.


Renault would have made things easier if the Q90 didn’t exist and the R90 had CCS fast charging capability. We’ll probably see this happening in late 2017 with either a minor facelift or the introduction of the second generation. I do know that Renault has big plans for the Zoe and awaits the LG Chem battery plant opening in Poland late next year for the big push.


What do you think? Is the online charge time calculator useful when deciding which motor to order?



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Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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4 years ago

I agree that we should have one version of the ZOE (in different trim levels) with the bigger battery, the more efficient 22 kW charger combined with CCS fast charging and a more powerful electric motor. Currently I think it is a mess with all those different versions, they even made the entry level version slower.