The Kreisel e-Golf just got better

Kreisel Electric e-Golf with a 55,7 kWh battery

Kreisel Electric battery factory in Austria will open in approximately 5 months from now, as you can see in a previous article. For this reason it makes sense that the company decided to give us more details of what we can expect from its batteries.


The Kreisel’s e-Golf project isn’t new, we already knew that it has a 55,7 kWh battery made with thousands of tiny cylindrical battery cells. What’s new is that not only the volume, but also its weight (330 kg) remains the same when compared to the original 24,2 kWh battery made by Volkswagen. It also has the ability to be charged from 20 to 80 % in just 20 minutes at 150 kW CCS fast chargers.


Let’s sum up what makes this Kreisel e-Golf great:

  • 55,7 kWh battery
  • Range from 350 to 450 km
  • Charge 20 to 80 % in just 20 minutes at 150 kW CCS fast chargers
  • The battery weight and volume remained the same
  • The battery is worry-free since it has active liquid cooling


What I like the most about Kreisel is that it shows us what is possible to achieve with today’s technology. Unfortunately only in 2020 we’ll see something similar built by Volkswagen, as we recently learned from the I.D. concept car.


Kreisel Electric e-Golf battery specs


As we saw in a previous article superminis are extremely popular in Europe, this is why a good electric Volkswagen e-Golf would easily be a top seller. It makes me want to go to a Volkswagen dealer and ask information about the new e-Golf I just heard that has a 55,7 kWh battery and doesn’t emit NOx poisonous gases.


Until Volkswagen wakes up and the Opel Ampera-e production increases, I think that Renault Zoe and Nissan Micra EV will dominate the European market. I do hope that Nissan doesn’t make the same mistake as Renault did and allow the Micra EV to charge at 100-150 kW CCS fast chargers.


What do you think? Will the opening of Kreisel’s factory in March 2017 make Volkswagen move faster in the electric mobility? Or they’ll just ignore Kreisel’s achievements?



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  1. Give me a Golf SportWagen AWD with this battery please 🙂

  2. It would be nice if VW changed supliers to Kreisel if the price was right but VW like all legacy auto companies is not interested in speeding up the electric car revolution…

    Tesla and laws are the only thing that truly speeds up electric car adoption but the Chinese are starting to look like they might be a huge help in pushing it along…

    1. Tesla increase prices every month. Tesla is the ultimate anti-EV.

      1. Maybe you’re trying to be funny, but you’re not succeeding. If you want to criticize Tesla’s policy or strategy or anything really, go right ahead. But to say the only current car maker of any relevance that makes exclusively electric cars “the ultimate anti-EV” is the ultimate in bad reasoning.

  3. I guess VW won’t pay attention at all to this project as the upgrade is not cheap and will cost most likely around 20000€

    1. I’ve no idea where your getting your information from, but clearly if you’re near the truth regarding price point there’s not going to be any pressure on anyone. 🙂 I’m hopeful that Kreisel is building a factory because they want to drastically increase volume, and they must know that’s not going to turn out a sound investment if this is the price.

      It’s clear though that the price matters a lot. Not just for the manufacture of the pack, but for the garages’ profits and the labor as well. And a good warranty is critical. I think it’s much too soon to tell what the significance will be, because we don’t know yet what they’ll actually be offering. But if they do make a good offer for the LEAF, and don’t wait too long in telling us about it, I consider myself a likely early customer! If price or warranty isn’t where it needs to be it’ll be much easier for me to convince myself I need an Ampera-e… if it’ll be possible to get hold of one in Norway!

  4. Kreisel is way too expensive. Dead on first day.

  5. A Volkswagen no le interesa el auto eléctrico de momento como para lanzarlo al mercado, esa es mi opinión.

    Tiene una serie de motores que le sale producirlos más baratos, que luego consumen más sí es posible pero los consumidores no van a invertir 30.000 euros para un Clio eléctrico con 300 km en masa.

    Creo que habrá que esperar 15 o 20 años para que los EV triunfen a lo bonzo.

  6. En buena medida cuándo ellos amorticen sus motores entre otros motivos.

  7. Much depends on what offer Kreisel is actually going to make. If they offer the upgrade to 55 or more kWh, labor included, at no more than €6-7k AND back it up with a warranty similar to what we get on the packs in new cars, then MAYBE a lot of people will take the risk (because Kreisel would go under and no longer be there to uphold the warranty if there was a serious problem with it, Samsung Galaxy Note style or less dramatic!) and VW (and others) would have to act.

    I’m among the owners of so-called first generation cars, with a 2012 US-imported LEAF that’s lost 15% of its once unimpressive capacity of 23,4 kWh. If Kreisel makes me a good offer it will be difficult to resist, since apart from the range I’m pretty happy with the LEAF as my only vehicle. But a good warranty, or sales through an established agent in Norway (which would basically give me five years protection through law, regardless of warranties), is essential. If that’s not in place I wouldn’t be willing to pay more than 4000 euros (and my old battery) all taxes and labor included, which doesn’t seem likely in my opinion.

    1. I dont think they would be in business for very long offering a 55 kWh battery for 7k at the pack level including instalation even if they took your old battery…
      At LGs announced pricing for the Bolt at the cell level it would cost almlst 9k for the batteries before being made a pack and getting installed…
      I cant imagine a used Leaf battery with capicity loss is worth 2k if that and they need a profit…
      I beleive Nissan sells their 24kWh replacement batters for 5-6k…

      1. And Nissans price includes taking your old battery…

  8. La tecnologia esta pero ¿Cuanto cuesta esa batería de 57kwh?. Hay esta la clave de todo. Hablando de baterías si los pronosticos se cumplen para noviembre saldran sus primeras celdas para Drones. A ver si cumplen y no se quedan en el más absoluto olvido como los de Grabat Energy.

    1. Me refierova Solid Energy 400wh/kg-1200wh/l.

  9. When will it be available in California?

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