Toyota Germany offers 3.000 € discount for its hybrids

Toyota Germany hybrids discount

If you live in Germany the cheapest new hybrid car you can buy is the Toyota Yaris Hybrid for 14.300 €.


Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Toyota Yaris Hybrid


But the Toyota Yaris Hybrid isn’t the only model to get Toyota’s 3.000 € discount, every other hybrid model has it.


Below we have starting prices for other hybrid models (discount included).


Auris Hybrid: 19.990 €

Auris Touring Sports Hybrid: 24.190 €

Prius: 25.150 €

Prius+: 28.500 €

RAV4 Hybrid: 29.990 €


Toyota’s hybrids are cheaper to buy than its diesel cars. A cheaper price-tag added to lower running costs make hybrids a better choice when compared to diesel.

Since Toyota has a big hybrid offer – from small city cars to SUVs – it’s the automaker that’ll gain the most with the diesel’s death in Europe, at least until BEVs take over.


Making good complex cars like hybrids it’s not an easy task, but Toyota has the merit to make them. I recall one Toyota representative saying that every automaker could make good BEVs, it’s easy, but good hybrids are difficult to make and Toyota it’s proud of it.

I expect to see Toyota pushing hybrid cars really hard for a year or two, to profit from the high amount of resources the company spent in the technology. Since it’s clear that BEVs are going to take over soon, Toyota needs to sell all the hybrids it can now, before the technology becomes obsolete.


Toyota can’t admit in public that BEVs will soon replace every other kind of car, because the company has little time to make all the profit it can from the huge investments it made in hybrids. But the company it’s slowly starting to admit that BEVs have their right to exist, at least as small cities cars, as we saw previously in this article.


More recently, Johan van Zyl, Toyota’s European President & CEO said to Auto Express the following:

“We already have some electric vehicles undergoing trials here in Europe – short-range, inner-city transport. So I think that in the future, if you look at that spectrum of technologies that we offer, then EVs will be part of that.”


Auto Express thinks that the next generation Toyota Aygo could be electric and quoted Gerald Killman, Toyota’s European head of research & development:

“Clearly we do see the possibility for battery-electric vehicles there [in the Aygo range].”

“But timing-wise, when it makes sense is something that we need to review, so normal people can afford it. We are being careful with it, but yes, we are developing it.”


Toyota Aygo

Toyota Aygo


I’m sure that sooner than later, Toyota will release electric versions of small cars like the Aygo and Yaris that require cheaper and smaller batteries, then move to bigger cars.


What do you think? Will hybrids damage diesel car sales in substantial numbers, or we’ll have to wait for BEVs to finally make diesel obsolete?



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Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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5 years ago

I think VW and the later tests of all diesel manufactures did the real damage to diesels by showing there are no clean diesels and they all polute vastly more than reported…
I do hope they hasten deisels demise though…
It is also good to know Toyota is at least working on EVs since they generaly appear to be a do nothing legacy auto maker in regards to EVs…

Jonas Jovial
5 years ago

Toyota strategy is turned to another side: fuel cell/hydrogen cars. Limitations of range and time charge are not present, so they present as a good solution. Eventually, we will see the 2 solutions coexist pacifically in a near future. Petrol companies are not going to loose their earnings easily, so they will start to change to hydrogen supliers.

5 years ago

A full electric Aygo slightly bigger than the current one would be great to replace my first gen Yaris.

4 years ago