New Renault Zoe prices in Spain

Renault Zoe and battery

Here are the prices taken from Renault Spain website with 21 % VAT included.


With rental:

  • Entry (old battery): 22.125 €
  • Life 40: 24.625 €
  • Intens 40: 26.425 €
  • Bose 40: 29.225 €


With battery included:

  • Entry (old battery): 29.625 €
  • Life 40: 32.125 €
  • Intens 40: 33.925 €
  • Bose 40: 36.725 €


The battery costing 7.500 € means that if we consider 45,61 kWh as the total battery capacity, we get approximately 164 € per kWh. This is not bad considering that it’s a complete battery pack, not only the cells.

What doesn’t make sense it’s that a Zoe Life 40 without the battery still costs 24.625 €, while the Clio Life with an internal combustion engine, also in Spain starts at 11.436 €. This is even more outrageous when both cars are made in the same Renault’s production line in Flins, France. I do expect the regular discount of 5.000 € – that usually Renault and Nissan offer to their electric cars – become available with the arrival of the Opel Ampera-e in March-April, 2017.


The first deliveries of the Renault Zoe with the new ZE 40 battery should happen in December, mostly in France, for the rest of Europe, January 2017 is the expected month.


What do you think about these prices? Are they a real reflection of costs? Or are they kept high to prioritize the sales of the Clio model as I think?



More info:

Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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5 years ago

I think the price are higher because Zoe sells are 20-30000 vs Clio 200000. Its a volume problem, but with the 400 km range the volume will rise and cost will go down.
Nissan was also telling that the difference between with battery and without battery are not the real price, costs are higher and a bit is inclueded in the car costs.

5 years ago
Reply to  Pedro Lima

Totally agree Pedro.
List price and volume go hand in hand
Car manufacturers are super-conservative and don’t like anything other than gradual manageable change.
Therefore it takes a few car generations for volume (and therefore list price) to reach a sensible position.
The toyota prius went through a similar lifecycle

5 years ago

Bueno con 24.000 con un descuento estará medianamente accesible en los meses en que esté el plan Movea vigente… Siendo un poco optimistas algunos particulares o taxistas se lo comprarán por 19.000 euros.

Ralf K.
5 years ago

Here are list prices for Germany:

With battery rental:

Renault Zoe Life 22kWh 22.100 €
Renault Zoe Intens 22kWh 23.900 €

rental fees for 22 kWh battery:
59 EUR/month for 7500 km/year
69 EUR/month for 10000 km/year
79 EUR/month for 12500 km/year
89 EUR/month for 15000 km/year
99 EUR/month for 17500 km/year

Renault Zoe Life 40: 24.900 €
Renault Zoe Intens 40: 26.700 €
Renault Zoe Bose 40: 29.400 €

rental fees for 41 kWh battery:
69 EUR/month for 7500 km/year
79 EUR/month for 10000 km/year
89 EUR/month for 12500 km/year
99 EUR/month for 15000 km/year
109 EUR/month for 17500 km/year
119 EUR/month for unlimited km/year (privat customers only)

With battery included +8000 EUR flat, no matter whether you want the 22 or 41 kWh battery (a weird strategy):

Renault Zoe Life 22 kWh 30.100 €
Renault Zoe Intens 22 kWh 31.900 €

Renault Zoe Life 40: 32.900 €
Renault Zoe Intens 40: 34.700 €
Renault Zoe Bose 40: 37.400 €

Source for prices with 22 kWh battery:
PDF price list sent by Renault when filling in their webform to get the German pricelist, as of Oct 1st 2016

Source for prices with 41 kWh battery:

All prices include German VAT of 19%.
All prices plus delivery fees.

All prices are stated before any German BEV incentives (2000 EUR by OEM from net price + 19% VAT plus 2000 EUR by government = minus 4380 EUR in Germany). In theory, subtract 4380 EUR to get the price after German incentives.