LG Chem starts building EV battery cell plant in Poland

LG Chem EV battery global production


The European EV battery plant should start cell production in second half of 2017.


With the opening of the fourth EV battery cell plant, LG Chem will be able to produce annually battery cells for 280.000 electric cars with 320 km range.


The LG Chem’s plant in Poland that will be able to supply EV battery cells for 100.000 electric cars, already has a destination for its production. Renault Zoe, Nissan Micra EV and Smart ForTwo/ForFour ED. The PSA group in 2018 should also rely on LG Chem to supply a 50 kWh battery for its electric supermini.


With the operation of two big battery cell plants, one from LG Chem in Poland and the other from Samsung SDI in Hungary, it’s clear that 2018 will be the year of electric car’s big push in Europe. It’s still unclear what will happen to AESC plant in Sunderland, UK. Probably it will be acquired by Panasonic, SK Innovation or even BYD.



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  1. Yogurt says:

    Its great they are building a new plant but it seems like they are only building for tomorrow and not next week or next month…
    I would hope they would build for farther in the future like Tesla and BYD…

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