PushEVs now supports WebP

WebP image codec

After many days spent cleaning up the website’s code, it’s finally done.


I took the opportunity to make the website compatible with Google’s open-source image codec, the WebP. This codec can reduce as much as 80 % the JPEG/PNG images size, without noticeable quality loss. This makes the website faster to load.

The website will automatically detect if your browser supports WebP, if it does it will supply images in WebP codec instead of JPEG/PNG.

If you are using Android operating system, your browser certainly supports WebP. If you use another OS, I recommend the use of Google’s official browser, the Google Chrome. Especially if you have a limited mobile data plan and use your smartphone to surf the Web.


Since half of PushEVs visitors already use Chrome as their browser, there is a substantial part of readers that will benefit immediately from the support of this new image codec.


If you can open and see the image in the link below your browser supports WebP:



In the next days I’ll keep checking the server’s log for errors, but if you find something wrong like missing images or misaligned text let me know in the comment section.



More info:




Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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5 years ago

Looks like Firefox does not support it yet 🙁 but has decided to and is working on it…

Thanks for your great site and comentary…

5 years ago
Reply to  Pedro Lima

I’m Norwegian and so is Opera, and back in the day I was a big fan of it. It had many unique features, was the fastest browser around, and was customisable – without requiring plug-ins – to a degree that no one is close to even now. I still miss several of its features. But when they quit making their own engine and adopted WebKit they threw out the baby with the bath water. Gone were all the features that made Opera unique. And I’ve never bothered with it since.

Good to see you are back, although I have to say your timing for this operation was odd in the extreme.

5 years ago

test test test test test