Renault Zoe R90 and Q90 with battery included

Renault Zoe in white

We all knew that the new Renault Zoe was coming with a bigger battery and more range. Now, Renault Nederland has confirmed not only the bigger battery (41 kWh usable) and range (400 km NEDC), but also the battery included option that was long overdue.


The new Renault Zoe will have a 400 km NEDC range, but it won’t be called R400 as I expected. Renault decided to have two different names. The Zoe R90 (Range version) doesn’t quick charge capability, while the Zoe Q90 (Quick) does. The R90 versions with the 41 kWh battery have a 400 km NEDC range, while the Q90 versions with the same battery only have 370 km NEDC.

I still don’t know why the 90 figure is in the name, maybe it’s because of the 88 horsepower?!


Below we have the prices of the different versions, with and without the battery leasing in the Nederlands.

Battery leasing:

ZOE R90 Entry: 21.490 €
ZOE R90 Life: 23.990 €
ZOE R90 Intens: 25.990 €
ZOE R90 Bose: 28.790 €
ZOE Q90 Life: 24.690 €
ZOE Q90 Intens: 26.690 €
ZOE Q90 Bose: 29.490 €

Battery included:

ZOE R90 Entry: 29.390 €
ZOE R90 Life: 31.890 €
ZOE R90 Intens: 33.890 €
ZOE R90 Bose: 36.690 €
ZOE Q90 Life: 32.590 €
ZOE Q90 Intens: 34.590 €
ZOE Q90 Bose: 37.390 €


There are still things to be clarified.


  • What’s exactly the entry version? We know that it has a 22 kWh battery capacity and a lower cost electric motor (less coil used). Probably the same electric motor that is used in the new Smart ForTwo ED, Smart ForFour ED and the upcoming Renault Twingo ZE. What doesn’t make sense is the price of the battery, 7.900 € is the same that is asked for the 41 kWh batteries. This version will probably be used to sell the remaining stock of old batteries and will be discontinued when it ends. The same as BMW does with the i3 (60 Ah and 94 Ah battery versions).
  • How fast does the Q90 version charges? Will it use AC or DC fast chargers?
  • Which versions will have the heated seats that are already present in the Swiss Edition?


These new versions will be available to order by October 1, 2016. Renault will be at Paris Motor Show 2016 showing its new electric star. The sister company Nissan will also have sometime electric to show us…


What do you think? Will the new Zoe sell better than the Opel Ampera-e in Europe?


Thanks Adrian for the heads up.


Update: Renault Nederland decided to remove the press release.



More info:

Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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5 years ago

I believe the Zoe will sell better. Reasons: lower price, European company, and smaller car which is favored in Europe. The 170 miles of real world range will be adequate for most drivers in Europe.

5 years ago

If Renault applies at least 25-30% discounts when selling the car it can sell well. Otherwise who would be stupid enough to buy a Zoe for 33890€ when a Open Ampera-e will cost you about the same and have CCS charge?

I am saying this and being a owner of a Zoe R240. It is a nice car but when I purchased it I only did as I managed to get that kind of discounts with battery included.

5 years ago

Does the R90 and the Q90 have a different range because they are saving some of the battery for anticipated quick charge battery degregation??

For the asking price I think most would opt for the Opel if it is stocked and is as available as the Zoe…

5 years ago
Reply to  Yogurt

The R has the newer inverter/charger/motor system with better efficiency.

5 years ago

My dutch isn’t too stellar but google translate landed me this from a footnote in the word doc:

“The figures in the engine designation now refer to the ability rather than the NEDC range.”

So 90 does indeed seem to mean the 88 hp, just kind of ironic how the entry version 77 hp is grouped as an R90 but I guess it won’t be on sale for long 🙂

5 years ago

If Ampera-e is as aggressively priced as I expect, the Zoe needs a price cut to compete.

I bet Q90 gets CCS. 43 kW is possible on type 2 but hardly any type 2 points support it, so it wouldn’t be very useful in real life. It’s also not competitive when 150 kW chargers arrive (soon) and others will be able to handle 70-100 kW or more (Kia Soul with 28 kWh already can handle 70 kW).

Not really wowed by these news, but admittedly my expectations were high and it is of course a huge step forward from 2016.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s news. I’m hoping for another new EV from Nissan alongside the 2017 LEAF. And that the new design for the latter is something modern and less boring than a Pulsar, which looked a bit outdated even as it was introduced..!

5 years ago

The prices are not realistic for the sale the prices with battery lease should be the prices included battery, otherwise the opel ampera-e will be bought more power and battery capacity.

I spoke with a dutch Opel dealer and his expectation was pricing the Ampera-e will be around 30.000/35.000 Eur.

The Bose version has the heated and leather seats this is for all countries expect france and swiss the name for the luxury version.

5 years ago

Renault Netherlands have removed the pages. Did anybody create a screenshot of them?

5 years ago
Reply to  Juanmax

I never saw the web page but here is the word doc (in dutch):

5 years ago

No question, the Zoe will outsell the Ampera-E multiple times. The 22 kW charging is a huge market advantage, because of the large number of available Type 2 destination charge points. The range is large enough, that you barely find a situation, where you need to wait for charging during travel.

Jonas Jovial
5 years ago
Reply to  NoNo

That will only happen if they solve many problems they have had:

– The Zoe charger is very peculiar and many times refuses to charge where other veicules charge without a problem.
– The motor on the first generation has had lots of problems…
– It seems there are problems also with the braking system. I already know someone that had a breaks failure and end up against a tree. Fortunately she was parking the care, so there where no injuries in no one!

5 years ago
Reply to  Jonas Jovial

Here comes the FUD

5 years ago
Reply to  NoNo

The fast charging of Zoe was/is a big advantage.
But with the battery capacity increasing I think charging in between will be only applicable with big trips, I drive for my work normally between 100 till 250 km a day.
I’ve got solar panels on my roof and I will avoid to charge as much as possible on route. In case of longer trips you will plan the fastned station somewhere on the route, and fast charging is often an option so I think carmakers reason the same.
I’ve drove the zoe R240 for 2 days and I agree it is a nice looking car and charging in between is great. Also referring to the article of free charging at shopping malls it is better to have fastcharging, it could be an advantege but not every body likes to shop for long 😉
For me driving must be fun and I don’t want to spend to much time on charging on the road so based on specs and expected pricing in my opinion the Bolt is better for my situation.
Unless the price of the Zoe will be much less then the Bolt I consider the Zoe.

5 years ago

VAT in the Netherlands is actually 21%, the 4% refers to the ‘bijtelling’, an annual charge of 4% of the catalogue value is added to your income if you drive a company owned car and use it for private trips. Over the additional 4% of the catalogue price you pay income tax. For ICE’s this percentage is much higher (>20%).

As I understand the AC quick charging option remains in place, no DC (no CCS) and a maximum of 43 kW ‘Quick’ Charging. That is below 1C, which is a bit disappointing.

Most importantly, no news (yet) about a possible upgrade for existing owners like myself. Would love to exchange the current battery in my Zoe for a 41 kW version !

5 years ago

Do you still think Nissan will upgrade the Leaf with the “same” battery very soon?

5 years ago
Reply to  Frank

insideevs writes Leaf upgrade (400 km) will be at dealer early 2017, thats same like Zoe 400 km so they will get in production about same time in November/December.
I think they show the upgrade Leaf in Los Angeles Autoshow next month. With this mooth they could still sell some Leafs in Japan (because there nobody cares about Bolt or what happens in Europe).

5 years ago

The 2017 Opel Ampera-e Has Arrived In Paris, Its Maximum Range Exceeds 500 Km

5 years ago

Pedro! Where the hell are your priorities?!? The biggest car show of 2017 had its press day, and 24 hours after the fact you haven’t got a single word to offer? This is not the time to dabble with the publishing system. It is the time to grow your blog’s following!

I suppose you may have got yourself into some unexpected trouble. What a pity.

Fernando Marques
5 years ago
Reply to  Terawatt

Terawatt, we are all hungry for the news, but this Paris auto show is being kind of disappointing for electric cars. At least for Nissan. Maybe on LA auto show we will have news about the only mass market car, the Nissan Leaf.

5 years ago

It’s now possible in Renault Portugal’s website to configure the new battery without lease. Price figures resemble LEAF 30kWh ones. A big step forward for Renault. Can you write an article on this to clarify figures as well as options available?
BTW, it’s named Z.E.40 :/

Ralf K.
4 years ago

Here is the price list of Austria for Jan 2017.