Renault Zoe R400 and the battery lease

Renault Zoe in white
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4 years ago

That would be the right message. Buyers purchasing a Zoe on battery rental and dumping it for an aftermarket one. Most likely wouldn´t void the warranty of the car (engine, charger) as otherwise would violate European competition laws.

4 years ago

I don’t understand what Renault is up to with this. Here in Norway where EVs are mainstream the ZOE too is sold with battery included in the purchase price – I don’t think there even is a rental option. And the Leaf as far as I know has never had a rental option here.

I certainly hope Renault decides to offer the Zoe without any rental scheme – it looks to be an excellent car and should be Ampera-e’s closest competitor.

4 years ago

In Norway it is forbidden to sell EVs with battery rental or so I heard when I used to work there.

4 years ago

In Norway Renault tok away the rentel beqause theyd diden’t sell any cars. I have a zoe R240 and it cost 20 000 euro to buy with battery.

4 years ago

I have owned three Renault Zoe’s now and with my latest Zoe I was able to buy it with battery included.
( Zoe-i model) It is such a nice feeling knowing that you own the whole car and that I am no longer shackled like a prisoner to Renault Finance with that never ending battery lease.

We can only hope that Renault wake up and smell the coffee before it is to late 🙁

Olivier Magere
4 years ago

Completely agree with your analysis. Some anti EV with Renault must have pushed hard to make the Zoe less attractive than a Clio.