Price announced for 2017 Bolt EV in Canada

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV

GM announced the Chevrolet Bolt EV price for Canada, it starts at 42.795 CAD and unlike what happens in the USA, it includes DC fast charging capability as standard in every trim. For comparison, in Canada the highest 2016 Nissan Leaf trim (SL) price starts at 40.548 CAD.


This is what GM Canada says:


“Bolt EV buyers will find range, cargo space, technology and safety features standard in a great vehicle with crossover proportions. In Canada, the DC fast charging provision and the tire inflator kit are provided as part of the standard equipment. The thrill of driving an EV, reduced costs of ownership, along with the support of a nationwide network of Bolt EV certified Chevrolet dealers make the Bolt EV a smart buy for any customer.

The base LT trim starts at an MSRP of $42,795 and comes with standard features that include, among others, Regen on Demand™ steering wheel paddle, rear vision camera, 10.2” diagonal colour touch-screen and MICHELIN™ Self-sealing tires. The top trim Premier includes all LT equipment plus additional standard features such as leather-appointed seats, front and rear heated seats, surround camera and rear camera mirror. The Bolt EV will be arriving at Canadian dealerships in early 2017.”


If we convert CAD price to USD we get 32.391 USD. The Chevrolet Bolt EV is officially cheaper in Canada than in USA where the price starts at 37.495 USD and DC fast charging capability is a 750 USD option.

The direct conversion to euros is 29.037 €, this means that the price of the Opel Ampera-e in Norway – where electric cars don’t pay VAT – can be around 30.000 €. While in Germany where the VAT is 19 %, the starting price can be around 35.000 €.


We have to wait and see how much does GM want to sell the Opel Ampera-e in Europe. I think that it will be priced from 35.000 € to 40.000 € depending on trim and options. There was even one Opel’s representative in Portugal that affirmed it will be sold from 30.000 € and 35.000 €, but that’s probably too good to be true.


On one hand it’s reasonable to suspect GM’s intentions about electric cars, the company has a lousy track record when it comes to electric vehicles. On the other hand the new GM CEO, Mary Barra seems really decided to follow Tesla’s example and make GM a high tech company. I also doubt that LG Chem would offer a good price for its battery cells (145 USD/kWh) if the contract wasn’t meant for big production volume.


What do you think? Is GM really interested in selling the Chevrolet Bolt EV and its sibling Opel Ampera-e before the arrival of alternatives?



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  1. GM is interested in selling the Bolt and EVs in general more than any legacy auto maker except questionably Nissan and BMW…
    GM wants to inovate and wants to be a leader but with all ICE manufactures the switch to EVs leaves them with many stranded assets for acounting purposes so they dont want to sell too many of them…
    Thankfuly Tesla exists and that forces there hand…
    Hopefuly BYD will come to the US and Europe in the next couple of years to further push legacy auto…

    It might be better for goverments to find a way to aleviate stranded assetes (ICE manfuctauring and coal and oil energy plants) than to push EV and renewable energy subsudies in the push for clean transportation and clean energy…

  2. I don’t know why everybody is saying that the Bolt is cheaper in Canada, IT’S NOT! The price in Canada is higher than in the USA, it is not less. You can not take the Canadian price, converted into US dollars and compare it with the price of the US. Take any another GM car and do the same excercies. The Malibu is 21,680 US$ and 23,745 CAN$ (source: and It is more expensive in Canada.

    But with your logic, the Malibu is less expensive in Canada because $ 23,745 CAN$ is equivalent to US $ 17,950? Only Tesla uses the exchange rate directly to set prices in Canada. Is my salary increases or decreases depending on the value of the Canadian dollar? No, your salary either.

    1. That’s got to be the stupidest comment I’ve seen in a while! OF COURSE you have to convert both prices to the same currency or one to the other in order to compare them. The fact that both currencies are named dollar doesn’t change this.

      Otherwise everything is horribly expensive in Vietnam, where I recall paying 5000 dong for a bottle of water, and withdrawing one million dongs at a time from ATMs.

  3. In Norway already some people preorder Ampera-E fr 330.000 NOK. After Tesla it is one of the most expensive, +8000 € to Acenta 30 kWh or 10.000 € more than a Zoe Intens (with battery). 7000 € more than the BMW i3 94 Ah and 5300 € more than e-Golf.
    So come one Europe, don’t dream of a cheap Ampera-E…

    1. 330 000 NOK is said to be the max price for the premium version (not including metallic paint or winter tires), most dealers are saying it will be cheaper. With winter tires and metallic paint it will probably be ~1k euro more expensive than the Fully Charged package BMW i3 with all extras. That being said I think the BMW has more equipment, like ACC (although it is a terribly inconsistent camera based system). Nobody knows the starting price for the basic version so your comparison is a bit far fetched.

      1. Really? Source? I’ve been on Opel’s “interested” list since Ampera-e was first announced back in February, but haven’t heard anything about any possibility of preordering. Not that I think I would; I’ve reserved a Model 3 and will almost certainly continue to drive my LEAF at least until more is known about Model 3. I’m far from certain what I’ll switch to or even when, but Ampera-e is obviously one contender. The new 400+ km (NEDC) LEAF and ZOE may also complicate the decision, if priced sufficiently below the Ampera-e. And by the time Model 3 arrives it’s quite possible that several other models have made the selection wider still!

      2. The source is the contracts people have made with Opel dealerships, there hasn’t been any official press release but Opel Norge just suddenly sent out information to all Norwegian dealerships on September 14 that they could start signing contracts. However, not all dealerships got the memo in time so some people were able to sign this contract even with a varying maximum price (somewhere between 320k and 330k NOK) for the premium edition, and if it surpasses that price they are free to cancel it. Other came to the dealership but were told that they couldn’t sign a contract for it yet. So all in all not very well handled by Opel Norge but the guess is that they suddenly realized they needed to get a good amount of “official” pre-orders in order to get as many cars as possible from the first batch to Norway.

        There has also been talks of that the premier edition is the only one that will be sold in Norway.

      3. Sadly another confirmation that Opel’s main problems in Norway lie in the organization and not the products. But with this product, it is hard to see how they can fail to sell it, given the state of our market… Even so, I am distinctly unimpressed by their efforts so far. I actually wrote to Opel after failing to find somewhere on their site to register my interest in the Ampera-e. They called me shortly afterwards and asked if I would like them to add my e-mail to a list of interested people. That is ok, but they still haven’t made it any easier for people, AFAIK, to register their interest and thus generate leads. To me, that shows how outdated their mindset is. They still think a web site is nothing more than a broschure that happens to live online rather than in print…

  4. Pedro, have you gotten sick or something?? It’s been a week no without a single update to the site. If you are sick, I hope you get well soon. Can’t wait to read your perspectives on the many news items we will get on September 29th!

    1. Thanks for your concern Terawatt. I’m not sick, but configuring the new VPS is giving me some headaches ehehe.

      1. I figured you were on vacation reting up for the onslaught of info coming from the Paris Motor Show shortly 😉

      2. Glad to hear you are well – and to see you are posting again! 🙂

  5. “While in Germany where the VAT is 19 %, the starting price can be around 35.000 €.”

    Plus import tax / toll. As the car is built in the US and there is no free-trade agreement as of yet. And plus our nice EU legislation vendor-mandated minimum warranty (Gewährleistung/Sachmängelhaftung in Germany).

    Plus vendor-mandated rebate in Germany to receive the the government subsidy. Thats an additional 2380 EUR. (2000 EUR plus tax)

    I bet on 39.990 EUR in Germany as base price for Opel Ampera-E. Maybe 10k EUR more for a “ePioneer edition” (the only edition available during the first months) loaded with crap, well, special features and options, that’s what Opel marketing will call it. 🙂 ePioneer edition already killed Ampera here in Germany as it raised the price considerably.

  6. Paris Motorshow. NO PRICE, because GM are Anti EV, you will see. They hope nobody buy a Zoe now, and in December will release a price with 45.000 € nobody will pay for. I bet 1000 € !
    The Kanada price is 5000 $ over a 41 kWh Leaf (which will come like the Zoe).

    1. Why do you say that? I think is that you are anti GM :p

      1. Is GM is not Anti EV? They show the Bolt 2 years ahead of production in early 2015 to destroy whole world EV sales, and sure they were happy.
        They don’t sell the Spark EV nationalwide.
        They don’t sell the Bolt as RHD version.
        They don’t produce EVs worldwide like Nissan.
        They don’t offer a 40 kWh version which could be cheaper.
        And finally, they plan to sell 30000 units which is a joke compared to Zoe or Leaf.

        GM has nothing done for EVs so far compared to Ghosn.

      2. Well.. if you think like that, what to say about VW 😉

  7. GM committed to have an affordable ampera-e they sellthe premiere in is voor 35.500 eur, Canada even cheaper.
    Opel dealer I spoke expect a privé between 30.000 and 35.000. which is affordable 45.000 is not.
    And if they are smart they will use the Tesla import model.
    Send parts to the netherlands an assamble,. Avoiding loads of taxes.

  8. Annoying Dutch correction is US and privé = price

  9. In korea, I can buy bolt ev , Just 25,000 us dollars. I think Korea is cheapist contry in the world.

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