Ogiso admits that some BEVs are already cheaper to build than hybrids

Satoshi Ogiso

Ogiso spent many years in Toyota working with hybrids and fuel cell cars. He now says that hybrids have reached cost parity with diesel cars.


Hybrid, diesel and plug-in hybrid prices in Germany

Hybrid, diesel and plug-in hybrid prices in Germany


But what is interesting is that he admits that some electric cars are already cheaper to build than hybrids.


“The cost of pure electric depends very much on range. Up to 250 km (155 mile) range, battery-electric vehicles already can be built for less money than hybrids. However, the market generally wants more range. With a range above 300 km (186 mile) a battery-electric vehicle will remain more expensive at least through 2025.”


Considering that Toyota already sell the Yaris Hybrid in Germany for 14.300 €, I would rather have a Toyota Yaris EV with 250 km range for the same price. Even if that range is in the optimistic NEDC. By increasing the availability of public chargers, price gets even more important than range. But more range could always be optional with a bigger battery capacity.


Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Toyota Yaris Hybrid


What Ogiso now admits, well informed electric car’s supporters already knew. This is why the Hyundai IONIQ’s prices are a scam. In Germany the electric version costs 9.400 € more than the hybrid.


While Ogiso tried to push hybrid cars with what he said, to me only it proves that the current technology is more than capable to make BEVs mainstream. If automakers prefer to sell polluting cars, governments have the duty to make these polluting cars harder and harder to sell, to a point that automakers decide they don’t worth it and switch to BEVs.


What about you? Would you be interested in a Toyota Yaris EV with “only” 250 km range if it costed 15.000 €?



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Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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5 years ago

I would definitely buy a BEV with 250km NPEV drive range for 15.000 given that I can buy the complete car with the batteries, it can fast charge with up to 43kW-AC, has a towing hitch capability, a 230V-socket (for mobile power supply up to 3000W) and enough cargo space.

Ceterum censeo JavaScriptWhereNotNecessary delendam esse.

5 years ago

I am not sure it doesnt make better sense to buy a small range EV if you dont do a lot of highway driving…
The money you save can get an awful lot of car rentals…

5 years ago

A Toyota Yaris EV with 250 km NEDC is exactly what I am waiting for.

Ruston Bazzarre
5 years ago

It is very feasible to build a fully electric with a small mini conventional generator motor system as a charger.
I am sure a non-conventional designer will present new vehicles to rock the world more than Musk did.
I would expect a molded fiber body that served as a power generation system., a set of the best supercapacitors, a low tech flywheel assist system, some sort of low cost back up system small generator that could run on multiple fuels to charge the batteries in case of system failure or high demands.