Hyundai sold 1.000 IONIQ EVs in 2 months

Hyundai IONIQ EV charging


In South Korea.


Today Hyundai announced that it had sold 1.000 units of its IONIQ EV electric car model in South Korea since the debut, two months ago.

Hyundai expects to sell 4.800 units in South Korea this year and already has 2.000 orders to fulfill.


While it’s clear that Hyundai doesn’t expect to make the IONIQ EV a mainstream electric car yet, it does have a good platform for the future. Hyundai just needs to upgrade the current 28 kWh usable battery capacity to at least 40 kWh. The IONIQ EV already supports DC fast charging at 100 kW rated chargers.

Since the Hyundai IONIQ EV is a very efficient electric car, it doesn’t need a very big battery, but 28 kWh is clearly not enough when 40-60 kWh batteries are going to get mainstream in 2017.


The good news is that Hyundai already promised battery upgrades for the upcoming years, I’m sure we’ll get one in 2017. I consider the current IONIQ EV a test-bed for Hyundai’s electric cars.

More electric cars will come from Hyundai. For example the new Hyundai i30 will have hybrid and electric versions in late 2017, definitely with a bigger battery capacity and electric range.



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Pedro Lima

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3 Responses

    • Pedro Lima says:

      Yes, I know.

      But most of the readers are in markets where the Hyundai will get CCS, by this I mean North-America and Europe.

      Yet I understand that it can make the sentence misleading, so I’ll remove the CCS reference.

      Thanks for the notice.

  1. Jonas Jovial says:

    Pitty they don’t start with a good battery pack. Considering the fact the Bolt/Ampera-e is almost here, this could be a good competitor, if it had at least a 40kWh battery…

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