Renault Zoe Swiss Edition has arrived

Renault Zoe Swiss Edition


The Zoe finally gets heated seats.


The Swiss Edition is already available for delivery, but as the name suggests only in Switzerland of course.


This new trim gets new 16-inch wheels, new metallic grey color available, BOSE sound system, brown leather seats and the new Renault R-LINK EVOLUTION.


Renault Zoe Swiss Edition new seats


Renault Zoe Swiss Edition 16-inch wheels


Renault Zoe Swiss Edition BOSE® Premium Sound System


But more importantly, this new trim gets heated seats. Heated seats are especially important for electric cars, since they allow to make passengers comfortable without using much energy. Heating the seats that have direct contact with our bodies is always more efficient than heating the air. Now with the use of the heated seats instead of AC, the Zoe can get more range in colder days than before.


Some of these new features might also appear in the much awaited Renault Zoe R400.



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4 Responses

  1. Frank says:

    And what about the battery?

  2. Pedro Lima says:

    The battery is the same.

  3. Buzzar says:

    With the imminent release of the Chevy Bolt / New BMW i3 in the European market Nissan/Renault need to pull their fingers out with the (still rumoured) Bigger battery for the leaf/Zoe.

    I fear that Nissan/Renault will miss the boat as my Zoe needs a bigger battery not heated seats 🙁

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