The importance of an Apple electric car

Volkswagen Nils with Apple logo

First I have to say that I’m not Apple’s biggest fan for many reasons, such as overpriced products, anti open-source, planned obsolescence complemented with social and environmental irresponsibility. I’m the kind of guy that uses Linux with pride.

Many people compare Tesla Motors to Apple but I don’t think it’s fair since Tesla Motors actually build cars to last. The planned obsolescence of Apple’s products really bothers me. They make it so difficult to replace their phone batteries, imagine what they’ll do to electric car batteries, probably fill them with glue and barbwire…


But there is no denying that the company’s marketing strategy works. Steve Jobs did a great job selling other people’s ideas, he was an amazing seller not an inventor.

So if Apple can make electric cars appealing that’s great, bring them on.

While Tesla Motors makes big family cars, Apple will make small cars for hipsters. Apple is not Microsoft, don’t expect utility from them.

If Apple succeeds in making small electric cars desirable, they’ll have my admiration.

My favorite kind of car is a very efficient car. Something like:


Volkswagen Nils


Opel Rak-e concept car


Nissan Land Glider Concept profile


Any of those concept cars could be an Apple electric car.


A small electric car would also be more profitable. At the current cost of 150 € per kWh Apple could put a 20 kWh battery for 3.000 € and sell the car for 15.000 € or even 20.000 € for the trim with more storage memory eheheh. Since these cars are very lightweight and aerodynamic the 20 kWh battery would be enough for a realistic 200-250 km range.

As a bragging and practical feature Apple could introduce sub ten minutes charging from 0 to 80 %. This would be possible with 100-150 kW CCS chargers. Let’s hope that Apple doesn’t have the sad idea of using a proprietary charging system.

If Apple is successful in selling the little electric car, suddenly other companies will follow the lead. The future looks bright.

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  1. Would it be safe to charge a 20kWh battery at 100kW?

    1. It depends on the battery, but especially the cell’s chemistry. For example LTO can handle very high C rates, 10 C is no problem. That’s 4,8 minutes to charge from 0 to 80 %.

      But even NMC can combine very high energy density with high power energy density. At 4 C it takes 12 minutes to charge from 0 to 80 %.

  2. Mainly American engineers are designing the Apple car. And I don’t think, they would even consider those small L7e examples as “cars”. Also, Smart Fortwo electric drive has not been very successful in the US as of yet. And Elio motors is struggling to get customers convinced and their product (with a small gas engine) shipped. In a market dominated by large pick-up trucks, vans, SUVs, mid-size cars and up such a tiny car simply feels – well – insecure.

    I think, the Apple iCar will rather be similar to the LG car (Chevy Bolt). Something more mainstream: 4 seats, 4 doors, M1 class (in European terms), but with some Apple specialties. But for the mass market in the US. A compact car (C segment in EU terms) sounds about right. Maybe a subcompact (B segment) but I don’t think any smaller. A small bus (think of VW transporter van) sounds about right to please the hippie crowd. And to have a good profit on every car.

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