2017 Ford Focus Electric gets a 33,5 kWh battery

New Ford Focus Electric with CCS fast charging and bigger battery

The current Ford Focus Electric gets a 76 miles (122 km) EPA and 162 km NEDC range with its 23 kWh battery. The 46 % battery capacity increase to 33,5 kWh will probably give the MY 2017 a 107-110 miles (172-177 km) EPA and 230-235 km NEDC range. Just to stay in the same league of the Hyundai IONIQ and 30 kWh Nissan Leaf.

The Focus Electric will finally get DC fast charging with the CCS protocol that gives the possibility to charge from 0 % to 80 % in 30 minutes.

It’s still unknown if the battery volume was reduce to allow the trunk to gain more space.


The 2017 Ford Focus Electric is clearly a “me too” car and will arrive later this year, but the more the merrier I guess.



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  1. At least they are keeping up with the Jones…
    The big questions are if they will lower the price and actualy stock the car so it can be bought…

    1. Most likely the price will remain high and almost none car available.

    2. I’ll stop mocking it if it’s offered at $25k or below before incentives. But it won’t be.

  2. Hoy he visto en Opel España que tras acabarse el plan Pive (que es la ayuda que da el Gobierno para cambiar de auto), Opel ha aumentado su descuento igual para dejar el precio del auto igual.

    Por lo que dejando de lado el debate qué puede generar si es bueno dar ayudas. Esta por ver si hacen lo mismo con el Movea (que es el plan de ayuda de los eléctricos) , pero apuesto a que el precio inicial de 35.000-39.000 que apostamos casi todos, tendrá rebajas para dejarlo en unos 30.000, o ese es mi deseo.

  3. Ya sé que aparentemente no tiene mucho que ver con el tema, pero lo digo porque me figuro que tendrá que determinar el precio con respecto al resto de autos al menos durante una temporada.

  4. Ford, along with Huandai, is taking planned obsolescence to the next level by offering products that are obsolete before they go on sale.

    Pathetic, Ford!

    1. Huyundai that is..!

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