Hyundai IONIQ prices released for Austria

Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid in white

Austria is the first country to get the price for the IONIQ in Euros.

Here are the prices in Austria:

Hybrid: 24.990 €

Electric: 33.990 €

Plug-in Hybrid: price not released yet. This version will only arrive in summer 2017.

Also in Austria the regular Prius starts at 29.990 €, while the hybrid Auris starts from 23.850 €. Since the Auris is built in Europe, it can be offered at a better price in this continent. This is why the hybrid Auris is much more popular in Europe than the Prius made in Japan.


In the Netherlands the soon to be released Toyota Prius Plug-in already has a price, it starts at 34.495 €. Don’t expect the Japanese made hybrids from Toyota to be price competitive in Europe.



Toyota Auris Hybrid


Toyota Auris hybrid and Hyundai IONIQ hybrid will dispute the same buyers in Europe.


Back to the IONIQ.

With such a price difference from the hybrid, I almost forgot the version that counts, the electric. I recommend to wait another year to get the IONIQ with more battery capacity. Hyundai already promised battery upgrades for the next years.

Priced at 33.990 € it’s clear that Hyundai doesn’t want to sell it in large numbers. At least they now have a platform where they can put a 45 kWh battery when they decide to get serious about electric cars. The IONIQ is a very sleek car and also uses low weight materials for the moving parts like doors or hood. A 45 kWh battery would be enough to give it a very good everyday range and the 100 kW fast charging would be there for longer travels.



More info:

Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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5 years ago

Another joking manufacturer in market that definitely does not want EVs to succeed. Maybe Kia & Hyundai will be part of the extinct group of manufacturers in future.