Nissan Micra EV can make Renault-Nissan leader again

Rendering of future Nissan Micra EV


This is what the new Micra will look like, according to AutoToday.


The new Nissan Micra will be unveiled in the much anticipated Paris Motor Show that will take place from October 1st till 16th.

It will have similar dimensions to the Renault Zoe and will also be built in the same Flins factory in France. Sharing some components with the Zoe (charger, motor and battery) means that the Renault-Nissan Alliance will finally use synergy to reduce costs and make product improvements. Being built in France also makes the Brexit less worrying now that Leaf’s sales are dropping in some big markets. Nissan really needs to have more options for electric cars. At least one model made for range other for affordability.

Since the Zoe is out of big electric markets as USA and Japan, the Micra would be the cool city EV available everywhere. In the USA many people have been waiting for Nissan to rebrand the Zoe and sell it there. I understand that feeling, since the Zoe is probably the best looking city EV out there. The Zoe is such a technical and design masterpiece that even with the mandatory battery lease scam is a best seller in Europe. A clear case where engineers do their best and marketing/management people do the opposite.

According to Gareth Dunsmore (Electric Vehicle Divisional General Manager at Nissan Europe SAS), the Micra isn’t the only upcoming car that will be able to have an electric powertrain. The next generations of the Juke, Qashqai and X-Trail will also be built with the ability to handle multi powertrains. This is the advantage of the new and improved Common Module Family (CMF) platform shared with Renault.


Nissan Sway is the concept car that inspired the new Nissan Micra


Gareth Dunsmore envisions a future (2020) where we can choose a car and its powertrain. With electric versions having similar price and range to gas cars.


There is a but, even with the new Micra being able to have an electric powertrain, doesn’t mean it will have it from the start. The Renault Twingo also is made to support an electric version but Renault decided in 2014 to delay it, because according to them “no one wants one”… I do hope that Renault unveil the Twingo ZE in the Paris Motor Show, since the Smart ForFour EV is essentially the same car inside and will be there.


The Renault Twingo ZE has been delayed since 2014


In the Paris Motor Show we will also learn more about Renault-Nissan Alliance new generation Leaf and Zoe with more range.

Nissan having the new generation Leaf for range and the Micra EV for affordability complemented with Renault having the new generation Zoe for range and the Twingo ZE for affordability is what the Renault-Nissan Alliance needs to take the lead, now that Tesla Motors is getting all the attention with the upcoming Model 3.



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