Nissan will release low cost electric car this summer

Carlos Ghosn


First China, then the world…


Renault-Nissan Alliance CEO, Carlos Ghosn is well aware of electric cars biggest obstacles. Price and range.

The next generation Leaf will solve the range problem, but it won’t be exactly a cheap car when compared to similar sized gas cars. Ghosn thinks that China’s market is more price sensitive than other parts of the world. Because of this Nissan will release a lower cost electric car in China this summer with its local partner Dongfeng Motor Group that already produces the Venucia E30.


Venucia E30 is China’s Nissan Leaf


The current Nissan Leaf is sold in China as a rebadged Venucia E30 and has been a sales flop. Mainly because of the price that before incentives goes from 267.800 yuan (35.908 €) to 281.800 yuan (37.785 €). What was Nissan thinking?!

The new electric car will cost 200.000 yuan (26.817 €), which isn’t cheap, but Nissan can price it higher because of the Government’s subsidies (you already know what I think about this…). After the subsidies it will cost from 100.000 yuan (13.408 €) to 150.000 yuan (20.113 €), the same as a similar sized gas car.

It’s still unknown what it will look like, but the new Nissan Micra will be based on the Sway concept and it looks very cool. Almost like a smaller Nissan IDS electric concept car.


Nissan Sway, the coolest concept car that should have an electric version


The success of the lower cost electric car in China will dictate how soon it will be sold in other parts of the world.



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