Renault finally admits the problem with mandatory battery lease

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Guillaume Berthier,  commercial director of Renault’s electric vehicle admits that the mandatory battery lease makes harder to sell the Twizy. In his opinion this only happens because the Twizy is used mostly in the summer. Because of this drivers aren’t happy to pay the monthly lease of a car that stays in the garage most part of the year. If I already think that the Zoe’s battery mandatory leasing is a scam to make the running costs higher than diesels, what to say about the Twizy’s tiny 6,1 kWh battery?! Can Renault really say that buyers are afraid to buy a battery that costs less than 2.000 € and prefer to pay a lifelong lease?!

Berthier says this problem doesn’t exist in the Zoe. According to him, in the UK 90 % have chosen to lease the battery, only 10 % have bought the battery. This is misleading, because it’s very difficult to find an i-Zoe (battery included) in UK Renault’s dealers. Good luck finding one.

Renault keeps ignoring that in Nissan Leaf’s case, the Flex version, in which the battery is leased, is not popular. Making the running costs higher than a diesel car, destroys one of the electric car’s advantages. Renault also ignores the feedback that potential buyers give them. By reading the forums it’s common to see the battery lease as the reason that made buyers to turn to other electric cars.

Berthier also says that Renault’s priority is to reduce the price of electric cars. Range isn’t a major concern. This doesn’t sound right when Renault sells the Clio for a starting price of 13.700 € and the Zoe without the battery for 22.100 €.

What makes me mad it’s the fact that Renault’s engineers made a great electric car, the Zoe is in fact unique. If sold worldwide with battery included it could easily surpass the Nissan Leaf’s sales numbers. It’s a shame that who makes the decisions doesn’t want to sell it.

Summing up, the good news is that the battery leasing will become optional for the Twizy, not mandatory. This will boost summer sales. The bad news is that the Zoe has to wait a little longer, yet the end of the mandatory battery leasing nonsense  is inevitable. The last information I have is that it’s still 3 months away, at least for Portugal.



More info:–renault—-nous-travaillons-sur-les-couts-pour-rendre-le-vehicule-electrique-accessible-a-tous-.shtml

Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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5 years ago

I can subscribe 100% to this article. Technically the ZOE is great. But the company policy of Renault is the worst.
Not only the lifelong battery leasing imprisonment, but also that no trailer hitch is available, not to mention the trunk (like a mountain range), the software-disabled 43kw-fast-charging for the R240 and – last not least – Renault’s arrogance towards their customers: don’t dare to ask them questions, all you get are text blocks and marketing twaddle. Compare that to Tesla, where Elon Musk answers questions himself directly and to the point. Not to mention, that Tesla makes everything else better, too.

ferke mall
5 years ago
Reply to  orinoco

Has anyone seen what happens to the battery pack after an Ncap test ? are they fitted with a manual cut out switch in case of fire or a short circuit ? just asking .

5 years ago

The 43kW charging in the R240 is not disabled in software: the R240 has a fundamentally different drivetrain and charger, produced by Renault themselves rather than the Chameleon unit produced by Continental. Part of the increased range is due to efficiencies gained in the design of the electronics and motor. The Chameleon system, by contrast, cleverly reused motor windings and inverter parts to achieve the high charge rate. In the UK you can buy either model, depending on your priorities.

marie roberts
5 years ago

I would be very interested to find out if it will be possible to buy a renault twizy technic batteries. Because I now am the owner of the one sold on e- bay from Andrew fletcher. Replaced in January in I do own mine not having to pay a monthly fee .it has also changed my life for the little car means the world to my freedom. I was having problems due to my I go every where I want to go.only worry I do have is what will happen to me and my twizy if I need another battery?

Roger Anderson
5 years ago
Reply to  marie roberts

I am looking for a Twizy either without a battery or with a battery included in the price. Can anybody help me.?

ferke mall
5 years ago

Before you even think of buying one of these things go to the renault ZE forum and see what happened to this poor guy , after reading all of the comments on this im going to stick with my flat earth car

ferke mall
5 years ago

I know these cars make sense but all is not as it seems after looking at the Renault ZE forum it put me off for life with electric cars ,how many owners check out the small print ? you may own the car but the lease company own the battery Renaults lease automaticly renews the lease like it or not , there is a sim card device that clocks up run time and distance because of mileage contraints it knows where your are anytime of day or night , when the battery starts to run down to 75% your range is reduced the cost of the batteries should you actually own it are more than the car is worth dependent on model it can be £15000 /£20,000 ,if you have an accident its going to be you that has to pay to have the battery removed
And transported of course you pay extra and pay for an insurance to cover this ,

If your EV breaks down its not going to be repaired at the roadside its a transporter job if your going on holiday your going to have to hire out another car instead of going on to your destination and getting your car fixed there , using one in the summer there will queues at the motorway services of EV,s waiting to charge up their batteries ,

I saw a peugeot 106 EV for sale at £1500 reason for the cheap price was it needed a new battery pack it was an older model and the batteries were lead acid peugeot wanted £5000 for the batteries so that wa sthe end of that one ,

There are a lot of hooks and barbs that the salesman are not going to tell you such as they wont take one in part exchange because of the problems with battery leases so if your thinking of buying one check all of the forums before you decide , to part with your cash !

5 years ago

Urgent urgent

Hi everyone, hope all members are doing great, I need an urgent advice, I bought a twizy in march 2013 from Renault U.K. Dealership and took out battery rental contract. We drove twizy over a period of 1 year and few months and manage to do only 450 miles. One day tried to start, lights were working and speedometer was working but car was not able to move. Called Rac breakdown service, they checked the car and said it’s not holding enough charge, needed battery charging. I sent the car to Renault dealership. They checked the car and said your car and battery are under warranty and this won’t be an issue and they will either get it repaired or replaced. After a month I received a call from them denying to repair/replace the battery as they said we have not driven the car the way it should be. According to them we left the car on storage and that damaged the battery. We cannot keep the car driving for the sake of keeping the battery well and car was driven only when needed. They handed an estimation of over £4000 plus
Vat to replace both the batteries in the car. And funny thing even after paying battery cost we are still not the owner of the main battery. We involved national Renault service line to help us but they came up wit the same thing. After wasting few months we collected the car from Renault U.K thinking we ll get an aftermarket battery or will see if we can get it fixed from outside. We received the car in total dead condition, not even lights worked. Car has been sitting in our garage since then . We are paying £45 a month rental and ended up with a dead car in our garage. Now I want to get rid of it as need space in garage. When I checked the battery agreement, we are still liable for the battery rental even after selling until the company does new buyers credit check and other things for smooth transfer. I am really stuck, I am thinking if we can get it fixed cheaper and still keep it or sell it. I have tried if any second hand battery on sale or any repair service but could not find anything in U.K. Abou the contract they gave us three options and we did not reply them or anything and they are still charging us money.

Please assist. Any advice or idea.

Warm regards

John Hall
4 years ago

Ive been looking at getting a twizy for some time now, well actually 2 twizy’s, one for the kids and one for nipping around town. But the battery rental issue kills the whole idea and with such a low resale value it seems that the only way out is to torch it. Will have to put them on hold for now or until a different manufacturer comes up with something similar. I did see a Chinese rip off version but that would probably go up in flames on its own.